What's the most you've ever celebrated a goal...

Jonny Wilkinson’s was a goal.

A drop goal.
Fair enough, but the OP does state that it can't be involving any team you support. I'm guessing those saying they celebrated Wilkinson's drop goal were supporting England, so it's ruled out on that basis even if we are allowing rugby goals to count on a thread in "pure football" which is apparently for people "only talking about football" ;)


Last minute rebound at the KC by any chance? Half 5 kick off? If so I believe I won money on the same game. Not quite the same amount as you but enough to remember the specifics of the game 😂
Aye it was the late game, can’t remember the goal I was diving about all over :lol:

Lewberry pie

Easily away at old Trafford when Bardo hit that grass cutter and de gea managed to spoon it into his own net, I ended up upside down a few rows in front, i just jumped up and forgot that I would have to land on the floor again so tipped forwards onto the people in front, money fell out of my pockets and about 5 minutes later someone in front found my phone but it was class, by the time I was back in my seat United had scored again and we were going to penalties.


People will view memories like this with a hint of nostalgia as VAR become more & more influential. Why celebrate when 0.4mm offsides or forearm hair ball brushing can lead to Goals being disallowed...


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Probably our first goal vs Portsmouth in check a trade final. My son was with me his first trip to wembley and was a magic weekend. Shame it didn't end so well lol