What's the most you've ever celebrated a goal...

SAFC Wilks

That wasn't for or had any impact on Sunderland/England/Any team you support?

Tottenham last second winner at Ajax and Torres for Chelsea V Barcelona spring to mind for me
Lincoln’s winner v Burnley in the cup. Or Havant & Waterlooville v Liverpool.

Love a cup upset or a goal that potentially causes one. :cool:

Be Here Now

I managed to get a ticket for Man City v Spurs in the Champions League last season

Ended up getting hugged by loads of Man City fans then 30 seconds later the mood just dropped when the VAR ruled goal out
Bergkamp against the Argies in the WC 98. Was about 14 and wanted the Dutch to win so much. Remember going mental in the living room with my Dad who was also delighted.
One that springs to mind for me was the Benzima goal where Karius fucked up in the CL final.

Really like Madrid and despise Liverpool so that was enjoyable.
I fell a few rows down when ji scored against man city.

I jumped up, got bumped forward, fell over the shoulders of the bloke in front and ended up doubled over next row down.