What will kill off mankind?


Read a sci-fi story once (might have been by Ray Bradbury) where creatures come to Earth to help out mankind. They can replicate anything from base elements - all they need is the original item.

Mankind becomes utterly reliant on them and, over many years, all manufacturing capability is lost.

The aliens gradually age, die, or just become dormant - plus, the copies they end up making are copies of copies of copies etc and they simply don't work.

Mankind becomes enraged and turns on their benefactors, attacking and killing them before beginning the descent into barbarism and extinction.
And that ladies and gentlemen is how corporate policies are formed...
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Some nutcase rising to power in a nuclear state and pressing the big red button, followed by nuclear armageddon.

I'm in a real feelgood mood to be back at work today.
Got pretty close to that when Trump was elected

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Are we bothered if 'mankind' is eventually extinct? ( I'm talking about in the future, did people living in 1750 have any concern for future generations... no).The planet managed for 5 billion years without us. If we did go eventually earth would recover and wildlife would take over again, just without us. No one today loses any sleep over the dinosaurs or Neanderthal man being wiped out.. if they hadn't we wouldn't be here.
Fertility issues
Alien invasion
Global warming

All of the above?

An Alien AI race, release a global warming virus that causes human fertility issues, and because humanity are too distracted are caught off guard when said Aliens invade and enslave the survivors....

oh and to really put the boot in and torture the enslaved, appoint The Guttenberg as Overseer...
That atlantic shelf underneath Grand Canaria will collapse causing a huge tidal wave knocking out The US eastern seaboard and Europe's Western seaboard. In Texas Ted Cruz invades California and gets his arse handed to him when he finds out SpaceX is really a weapons program but the fallout decimates North America. Putin invades What is left of the EU (in response to what he claims is a request for help from Hungary) but gets his arse handed to him by trident. China invades Russia to get the oil but forget russia has got nukes too. Asia disappears in a mushroom cloud . In britain some mag wanker claims the NE is the geordie nation, in the chaos of the ensuing civil war, Scotland invades just as Sunderland are winning. Northern britain unites and go back to our old hobbie of killing scotsmen at nevilles cross until a drunk glaswegian wipes out the eastern UK after dropping a trident warhead off the back a truck in Newcastle. Elon Musk escapes to New Zealand only to find Bezos already there sitting on a throne with Jacinda Ardern in a gold lame bikini. The resultant battle of the tech giants wipes out the southern hemisphere. Scandinavia briefly looks like taking control of what is left of the world after Greta Thunberg takes over but are destroyed when they realise although they are green its 1000 years since they sailed longboats and they aren't a particularly effective 21st century weapon.
Starts next tuesday enjoy
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