What will kill off mankind?


Earth dying will kill off all organisms within the cell.
Whether mankind is eradicated before that happens; who knows?
My guess is we will simply evolve and be unrecognisable as we see ourselves, now.

That's if we get the chance before the cell dies.

In my opinion, of course.


Geomagnetic storm. The last big one hit us in 1859 (The Carrington Event) and wiped out the telegraph system. A similar one today of the same magnitude would probably cause our electricity system and supply to be severely damaged for years if not decades.
A good call. Not sure it would destroy humanity but could destroy civilisation.
A bit from Science Alert : We're on our way !

In fact, some studies show that the interacting conditions experienced today, such as accelerated climate change, changing atmospheric composition caused by human industry, and abnormal ecological stresses arising from human consumption of resources, define a perfect storm for extinctions.

All these conditions together indicate that a sixth mass extinction is already well under way.