What gives you joy?


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I've thought a lot about this , thinking about what gives me joy. Life's damn hard and it's the small things that can make you feel life is above average . Interesting to see people's own reflections on this. For me.....

1. An entire stadium singing 6 in a row during which I turn to my daughter at the match and she's doing the same
2. Beatles anthology songs which have little snippets of a jam which became a massive hit
3. A toast to the Captain ( a shipwreck of a Capt Morgan and Coke )
4. A good quality coat - because you never know


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Sunderland winning, and Newcastle getting a good hammering. (Preferably when both have been playing on the Saturday.)
I must admit despite us getting beat of Lincoln 'the richest club in the world ' paying 20 - 25 mill on Woods amused me .

I remember growing up me Mam saying to me she didn't understand why me and me Dad got so upset, uptight and angry over the football result. I always remember me Dad saying how she didn't understand the crack haha. Me Dads a mag as well, although one of the few sensible ones who can talk about football being a fan before 92 as born in 1950. I know I'm snappier when Sunderland lose like ......meaning I must be a bad tempered bloke like ha
Nigel Ferange.
Watching six hours of his speeches would bring anyone joy.
My dog, when I walk in from work and she's buzzing to see me.
I work from home so she just snoozes behind me all day.

For me it’s when she realises she’s at the beach and goes absolutely mental, then I let her off the lead and she zooms around chasing seagulls and digging in the sand :lol:
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