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Well done Surrey

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by Paddy O'Dors, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Paddy O'Dors

    Paddy O'Dors Striker

    Bought the county championship for the first time since 2002.
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  2. Ageing trundler

    Ageing trundler Central Defender

    Now, now. Plenty of their lads came through their Academy.
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  3. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    @TheRey :cool:

    Can'r believe it's been 16 years since they won it.
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  4. Bri

    Bri Striker

    No, really well done Surrey. They have a core of very good home growns.
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  5. pavarotti1980

    pavarotti1980 Midfield


    True they came through academy.

    Shame it wasnt their academy though
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  6. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    Im not gunna bite at the idiots trotting out the usual shite.

    Spent the last few days in Worcester. Absolutely delighted - first Championship in my Surrey supporting life.
    To see a team of our own doing what they have has been special.

    Not bad, given I predicted relegation!
  7. Silly Point

    Silly Point Midfield

    As I've said before a team of mercenaries would never win the CC. You need a home grown core and that's exactly what Surrey have got. Enjoy it mate. 2014 was my first Yorkshire title, first trophy in fact, and it was a special feeling.
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  8. Mr Redknapp

    Mr Redknapp Striker

    Quite liked them since the, Azar, Saqlain, Martin Bicknell, Hollioakes, Stewy, Alex Tudor, Ian Ward etc. era
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  9. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    Thanks mate!

    Vital result for you boys today, too.
  10. Silly Point

    Silly Point Midfield

    Yeah and while there's still work to do we're in a decent position. Thanks for the favour btw ;)
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  11. brandon

    brandon Striker

    Aye, hope you’re having a cracking night @TheRey - genuinely delighted for you marra.

    The rest of the Guildford Globetrotters can fuck off though ;)
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  12. TheRey

    TheRey Central Defender

    Thanks mate, appreciate it - Slightly sore head this morning, though!
    A glass was raised to Tom Maynard too; after what we went through in 2012, this means a lot.

    Also, a huge credit to Worcestershire CCC. Members all came over to shake our hands and congratulate us having been most hospitable over the 4 days, the Club allowed us use of the Pavillion bar as long as we wished, and even came over and gave us all completed scorecards to take home as souvenirs - when asked if this is something they normally do, we got the response "no, but if you cant do it for the Champions, then you cant love cricket".
    Really hope they bounce back up.
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  13. hudson88

    hudson88 Striker

    Quality that, very nice touch.

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  14. Silly Point

    Silly Point Midfield

    We'd do it but we'd charge you the quid it costs non members for scorecards ;)
  15. I don’t mind Surrey actually, produced a lot of England cricketers themselves

    It’s Hampshire that can do one
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  16. Safc_Luke

    Safc_Luke Striker

    Morkel and Elgar were perfect additions to a good youngish squad.

    Fair play
  17. Last eight CC winners before scrapping the toss: Durham, Durham, Notts, Lancs, Warks, Durham, Yorkshire, Yorkshire.

    Three winners since: Middlesex, Essex, Surrey.
  18. Parkside

    Parkside Midfield

    No chance of getting that rule revoked then.
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  19. Lots of exciting current/ potential England players there with the Currans, Burns, Pope, Foakes, Virdi, Roy as well plus Stoneman and Borthwick
  20. Not wanting to take a cheap shot or get all lefty but they seem to get all of their players from public schools, which will be developing them themselves.

    Whereas the Northern counties generally get lads from the state system which leaves the development more to them. I find what Durham have done way more of an achievement in that way.

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