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Weight loss 2017

Discussion in 'Diet and Exercise' started by Caer_Urfa, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Joining this quite late, but my holiday is in 13 weeks today, and I'm currently 203lbs. Ideally I'd like to get down to as close to 170lbs before then as I can.

    So to achieve that I'm basically cycling on the exercise bike for half an hour a day (at quite a vigorous pace), along with sit ups/push ups. I'm also keeping my calories below 1500 a day.

    How achievable is my goal?
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  2. keeps21

    keeps21 Winger

    I'd say it's achievable.

    I'm down 20lbs in 11 weeks following @supersesh advice.

    Aiming to eat 500 - 800 calories less than I burn each day and hitting my macros. (I'm eating 1600 calories a day on a non gym day when I usually burn around 2100, and on days when I'm at the gym on which I end up eating more - due to burning more - to keep my defecit from going too high.)

    I could do better to hit my macros and cut out drink too which would increase the weight loss.
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  3. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Thanks mate. I'm quite new to all this, so let me know if I'm doing this wrong...

    I used a calculator mentioned in another thread...this one...http://www.health-calc.com/diet/energy-expenditure-advanced

    I put in the numbers and it says my Basal Metabolic Rate is 2082 kcal. It says my Total Energy Expenditure is 3617 kcal, based on my exercise levels.

    I'm only eating 1500 calories per day, so with all that in mind, will a loss of around 30lbs be do-able in 13 weeks?
  4. keeps21

    keeps21 Winger

    I think @supersesh would be best answering that. (yes it will work), but not sure if you'll manage to keep up a deficit of 2000 calories a day (that's over a pound lost every 2 days) without losing your shit and binging or if it'll damage your metabolism and make it harder to lose.
  5. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Had no idea that's how it worked. I'm aiming for about 3 pounds a week. I suppose I might stick to 2000 calories instead then.

    To be fair, over the last few days of doing this, I've not felt hungry, I'm just eating healthier food, and drinking loads of water. I think I could keep it up, but if it's going to have the opposite affect and make it hard to lose weight, then I'll eat more calories.
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  6. keeps21

    keeps21 Winger

    3,500 calories = 1 lb of fat.

    My aim is to lose 1 lb a week, so 3,500 / 7 (days in a week) = 500 - which is why my deficit is only 500 calories a day :)

    If you've not seen this before, it's well worth a watch (the thread about it seems to have disappeared from here)

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  7. oROSSo

    oROSSo Striker Staff Member

    You're down 20lbs?! Jesus, you must have to tether yourself down when it's windy
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  8. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Thanks mate :)
  9. keeps21

    keeps21 Winger

    Haha, I was up to 12 stone 3, and nee muscle, was all belly on me.
  10. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    losing 3lb a week will cause metabolic adaptation, i recommend no more than 850 deficit. You always want to diet on the max amount of cals possible.

    Choose not to listen and you will pile more back on and enter the world of yo-yo dieting

    set cals to 2800 :)
  11. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    I'm not sure I could even eat 2800 calories of healthy food per day...
  12. supersesh

    supersesh Midfield

    Good :) because eating healthy isnt key to fat loss. Simple cal control.

    I have pop tarts, pizza, cake etc, 65% of diet is nutritious (micronutrient dense hitting vitamins and minerlas) veg , fruit etc. While other 35% is nauhty, non nutritional but fills macros. I maintain at 8% drug free and have over 3000 cients all following same protocol.

    Read this post i made on clean eating the other day which may explain better to you :)

    Best of luck

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  13. JHmackem

    JHmackem Winger

    Lost 3.2lbs in my first week. Only did a workout on 1 day though as work has been busy. Should be able to keep this up if my body plays ball. Not felt hungry all week and ate food which I like.

    @supersesh That link doesn't work like...

    THELORDRODWELL Central Defender

    Down to 86kg here, but getting harder

    Almost back into 'normal' BMI territory

    Still aiming for under 80kg, so roughly 7kg is about 14 weeks/3 months.

    No beer, bread, pasta, rice etc. Lots of water, salad and exercise.

    Going for curry and beers a week on Friday and CANNOT WAIT to binge...
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  15. xmfd

    xmfd Winger

    I lost a stone in January (went from 14 to 13). I'm now back up to 13.4 and I've lost all motivation.

    I always do this, as soon a season I start seeing improvements I just half arse it until I'm back to square one.

    Just sacked the gym off because I was tired from work and had a kit Kat chunky with cookie dough in front of the telly.:eek:

    This is motivating me a bit like. Need to go to the shops tomorrow and stock up on spinach and brocolli and stop eating sarnies for dinner etc. Also we're pretty much identical weight and you say it's getting harder for you. My advice would be to enjoy the curry/beer on Friday but make sure you get right back into the diet on Saturday (or Sunday...)
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    THELORDRODWELL Central Defender

    You're still over half a stone lighter than you were at New Year, no reason that you can't be another half/whole stone lighter at Easter.

    Easy to feel bad iin yourself about a couple of bad days/weeks, but the longer-term is what everyone else sees
  17. Pilner

    Pilner Central Defender

    Down about 1St 5lbs since start of year.seem to have stagnated a bit with weight loss but can see improvement in body shape and feel a hell of a lot better for it which is motivation for keep going. Made no major changes other than the simply eat less move more
  18. xmfd

    xmfd Winger

    It's mad how quickly you can shift weight when you start burning calories faster than you consume them. Its like the body doesn't want to be fat. scary how many people are clinically obese
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  19. Idlewild Mackem

    Idlewild Mackem Striker

  20. CornedBeefIsland

    CornedBeefIsland Midfield

    I'm in the same situation. I'm probably down over 2 stone from my peak, and I'm seeing steady results from just eating less and moving more.

    What has worked for me this time more than ever is cutting massively down on the drink and cutting out all the sweets chocolate and biscuits.

    I'm still have a pizza with the family once a week but that's my reward for sticking to the plan during the week.

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