Weekend Getaway in Scotland

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  1. Lossie is nice, and just a kick up the arse from the Findhorn Foundation, a really fascinating little project. Look it up.
    Nice ice cream shop on Lossie harbour.

    Aviemore is a good base for touring, but a bit of a let down itself. Granton on Spey is nice.
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  2. lurker

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  3. Rick O Shea

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    There are lots of charming little villages along the M8 corridor.......
  4. Gatehouse of Fleet is superb, something for everyone
  5. Kinlochleven is good for that sort of stuff. We're heading up this weekend.
  6. Rick O Shea

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    Lossie is even better if there's a NATO exercise running.
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  7. DJP

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    And the dolphin watching trips with Seafari Adventures are superb from there, especially if you do the one with the Corryvreckan whirlpool too :cool:

    Seafari Adventures (Oban) - Corryvreckan wildlife boat trips

    Might I also suggest the Isle of Bute as its an easy place to get to being just a half hour drive from Glasgow then 30 minute car ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay on Bute. The island has some beautiful beaches and nice walks. You might even be lucky enough so see some dolphins and seals during your journey.
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    For a weekend some of the suggestions so far appear too far away (to me).
    Peebles is canny.
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  9. We did that with the whirlpool. One of the best trips I've ever been on. At one point we stopped by a bait ball and the sea birds were diving into the water around us and catching the fish. Amazing to see so close.
  10. GingerNick

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    yeah obans a canny trip for a weekend...theres loads of places along the solway within just a couple of hours drive
  11. Arkle

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    Isle of Lucy.
  12. DJP

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    Aye, it'll have been gannets diving into the sea. Incredible birds to watch.
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    And has some fantastic mountain biking if the OP is into that.
  14. Had some canny weekends in Glasgow, mind, without being in the city centre. Things like having a look at Cathkin Park and that.

    Dumfries and around that area is a lovely place to spend a weekend.
  15. Cathrin Park looks great, might try and have a dodge over when up for a game
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  16. George Kaplan

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    The Moulin Arms in Moulin. Just up the hill from the tartan abomination of Pitlochry but a microbrewery and food with lots of countryside nearby and not too far a trek.

    Then go north to Glen Afric
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  17. riffraff

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    I’m still getting Rothesay flashbacks now.....28yrs later. The sun was coming back up when we left the last pub, I lost my watch felt like shit for ower a week. My mate had a hair of the dog on the ferry back to Wemys Bay at dinner time.. If either of us had been breathalised theyd have threw away the key.
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  18. Used to spend a lot of time at The Hydro years ago. Stayed there last year for a few days. Its changed a lot, gone down market a little. The dining room used to be the centre piece of the hotel, with food quality to match. Its now more like the fucking naafi at VL now..
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  19. Kevj

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    The place to stay in Peebles is Barony Castle.
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  20. southstander

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    Applecross, bit of a hike to get there but well worth it.

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