Weekend Getaway in Scotland

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Lexingtongue, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. I was under the impression the smb hated everything Scotch :confused:
    Some posters on PF would have a meltdown reading this ;)
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  2. Idlewild Mackem

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  4. Portmahomack is a canny drive. There was a big archeological dig going on at the church last time we were there. Kirkcudbright is a good shout for a short break. The walk along the coast from Rockliffe to Kippford is very nice, and Caerlaverock castle is worth a visit.
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  5. Lexingtongue

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    Right, just an addendum here, we'll be heading off at about 5pm on the Friday so anything too far north will probably be too much to get to.
  6. southstander

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    Forget Applecross then! :) Kirkudbright and the Scottish Riviera beckons.
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  7. Lexingtongue

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    Looks nice, actually.
  8. Snaggletooth

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    Im up there thursday night till wednesday. Got a caravan a few mile away at Brighouse Bay......i love it up there.
  9. glen

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    Thats where i am right now
  10. Nice area. Good fishing too at Brighouse bay
  11. Snaggletooth

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    My van is about 100 yards from the on-site slipway, directly into the bay. I do a bit of fishing from my S.I.B. Hopefully i can get out this weekend, forecast is good, should get some pots out as well.
  12. Exile in Ayr

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    My son will never forgive me for leaving the North East and him being born up here. Many an alcoholic rant over the phone on a regular basis followed by a text for money is the norm. Unfortunately for the family I am a pensioner now so even I have to smell the coffee. I will of course have popped me cloggs before he does which is a plus. Just a shame I couldn't have done more really but survival instead of sailing off into the sunset was never going to happen with the cards I've been dealt.
  13. Methil is great. Nice views out to sea now the power plant has been decommissioned and as for pubs there is a Wetherspoons in Glenrothes new town about 7 miles away and a couple of working mens clubs.
  14. seaburnmackem

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    Depends how far you want to drive. If you're willing to drive further afield I'd highly recommend Dornoch. It's a very quiet town with nice beaches for walks and nice cosy pubs. If you don't want the long drive then probably hire a cottage in luss at loch lomand.
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    easy rule of thumb for scottish pubs is if it has a big red Tenants 'T' on the wall outside...avoid it!

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