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WELL THAT IS IT, at 4.25pm tonight the fund raisers both stopped - What an absolutely UNBELIEVABLE few weeks. Right now I can’t put these numbers into words.

The amounts raised (inc gift aid) were -

Sunderland AFC - £174871.75
Tranmere Rovers - £50169.75

TOTAL £225041.50

I am prepared to use the quote ‘ALMOST A QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Just amazing and incredibly humbling to think about how much this will help people across Sunderland and Birkenhead.

Thank you so so so much to all those who actually made the idea become a reality. I don’t want to name people because I’d be petrified incase I missed someone off but there are some groups who deserve a special mention. The clubs SLO and a member of staff in the ticket office I know (not sure she will want naming) were the first 2 people I messaged . . . Then the Red and White Army, the Branch Liaison Council, the Foundation of Light and the Senior supporters association who put the idea into an actual reality. Without them this wouldn’t have ever happened.

Then there is this board . . . Saved this one until last - I mentioned on my post about Wembley how special this board really is. This board has been absolutely instrumental in raising the amount it has reached. Not only for the amount of people on here who have donated but also the amount of people on here who have promoted it. I’m hoping this isn’t the end, there is no end to how much football clubs and Wembley finals can raise but that is all for another day. What the supporters of this club we love have achieved is nothing short of amazing.

Now let’s go and get promotion . . .


#FootballTogether #SunderlandTogether

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