Underrated test cricketers.

Paddy O'Dors

Don’t think Swann is underrated. A truly world class off spin bowler. The fact he’s an absolute grade A walloper shouldn’t alter the fact.
Colly was a player who made the absolute most of what he had. Far more talented players have never had close to the career he had.
Absolutely stayed down to earth all through his career and has afterwards too. True mark of a man.
I think with Kallis, it was his style that perhaps sees him not always mentioned in the same breath as other great all-rounders. He had all the shots but he could be a chore to watch at times and I occasionally felt he was batting more for personal gain than the game situation. However his record is superb and he should be right up there.

I always really liked Chris Cairns.


He didn’t bowl that much towards the end however
Quite but almost all players' averages are skewed adversely towards the end unless they've retired in their prime. Only a handful of innings fifors and never 10 wickets in a match.
Great batsman and useful bowler imo.


Kemur Roach. Hes developed into a top class performer.
Along these lines, Shaun Pollock.

Average of 32 with the bat and 23 with the ball in test matches, absolutely outstanding player.
Great stats but batting 8 or so all of his career has probably prevented him being considered amongst the best all rounders. Certainly one of the best bowlers.
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Sid James Park

Graeme Thorpe
A very tough middle order real Test batsman who was consistent throughout his career.A class act imho.Dont think he gets the credit he deserves.If I were to compile my all time England XI from players I have seen or watched from the mid 70s till now I would have to find a place for him at 4 or 5.
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Andy Caddick, just missed England's renaissance 2005 onwards.
Not saying he's as good as Jimmy or Broad but his stats are still decent in a poorer era.