Uk's least popular British foods

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Son of Stan, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Im with you in theory and I agree with your viewpoint but some things like taste changes doesn’t it? Or does it? :confused:
  2. Dave Herbal

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    Is there any reason why it should? I don’t know if there’s any physiological change, it’s more down to conditioning isn’t it?
  3. Scorer

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    Taste buds die as you age so, theoretically, you'll tolerate stronger flavours as you get older.
  4. houst69

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    British foods? Chicken Tikka Massala? Haway man :lol:
  5. Dave Herbal

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    Invented in England wasn’t it?

    Or maybe Scotland:

    The origin of the dish is not certain. Some trace the origins of the dish to the South Asian community in Britain. The Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition and Dieteticscredits its creation to Bangladeshi migrantchefs in the 1960s, after migrating from what was then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). At the time, most of Britain's Indian restaurants were owned and run by Bangladeshi chefs, who developed and served a number of new inauthentic "Indian" dishes, including chicken tikka masala.[5] Historians of ethnic food Peter and Colleen Grove discuss various origin-claims of chicken tikka masala, concluding that the dish "was most certainly invented in Britain, probably by a Bangladeshi chef".[6] They suggest that "the shape of things to come may have been a recipe for Shahi Chicken Masala in Mrs Balbir Singh’s Indian Cookery published in 1961".[6]

    Another explanation is that it originated in an Indian restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland.[7][2]This version recounts how a Pakistani chef, Ali Ahmed Aslam, proprietor of the Shish Mahal restaurant in the west end of Glasgow, invented chicken tikka masala by improvising a sauce made from yogurt, cream, and spices.[8][9]
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  6. worcestermakem

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    The knackers have a picture of oatcakes instead of laverbread.

    Celeriac is great in remoulade.
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  7. A good quality black pudding soaked in tomato juice....saliva glands in overdrive!
  8. Keawyeds

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    Why do you think his relationships don't last?
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  9. Harry Angstrom

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    It does. Imho. Our brains change until we reach adulthood.
    A lot of changing tastes will be social though.

    It was invented in Glasgow.
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  10. Keawyeds

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    I love that Britain has a claim on Lasagne
    BBC NEWS | UK | Britain lays claim to lasagne
  11. Spennymackem1981

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    how can something that is made of so much nasty shit taste so fucking tasty

    Just made a bap with Bacon Square sosij and haggis...its on another level

    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    One of the best teas ever is haggis, mashed turnip, butter mash and a whisky cream sauce with peppercorns. Plate of fucking slop. Tempted to make it for me lass tomorrow night.
  13. monkeytassle

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    Deep fried with salt and sauce is where its at.

    OOOSH YEAH Central Defender

    This is being discussed on the other food thread as you well know so why make this about you?
  15. elder

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    in full agreement with the 'crap' tier... they're all absolutely rank.
  16. I am happy to be corrected here, but aren't cottage pie and shepherd's pie the same thing (plus or minus a bit of veg) ?
  17. worcestermakem

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  18. Metalmicky

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    Love all on the list bar jellied eels. Always stock up when in Scotland with Stornoway black pudding, lorne sausage, a couple of haggis tubes, some white puddings and some well fired morning rolls. I also need to buy bridie's for my Forfar pal and get some iron bru sweets for our lass.
  19. Keawyeds

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    What the actual fuck. I wouldn't even ask @Napoleon Dynamite to try that.
    For one it's not in a yorkshire pudding, but also because I don't want him to suffer
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  20. There's plenty of awful food in British cuisine but almost all of that list, by common consensus, isn't among them.

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