UFC/MMA Thread - 2020


Always hate these fights where legends are too old

watched it earlier, without knowing the result....sad to watch, if Hall was a bit more aggressive it would have probably been a very quick night.

Didn’t realise he’d lost 7 of the last 9....that in itself tells you everything, especially at 46!

Tara Anderson!
Jones wrestled a 250lbs Cormier, Adesanya barely looks like he makes 185lbs.

I reckon Jones wins that and makes it look easy.

I'd be more interested in Jones going to heavyweight

Man vs Boy springs to mind....probs wrang like :)


Jones will never go back down to LHW. The amount of muscle mass hes packed in to go upto heavyweight, may actually ruin his career trying to go back down.

It ruined Roy Jones Jr’s career doing that, trying to rid of all that muscle mass he spent over a year gaining completely knackered his body and ability

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Kevin Holland getting a crack at Hermanson with Till out.

Unbelievable opportunity for someone who isn't ranked, he is game as fuck, love it.


Why would McGregor want to come back exactly? He’s got a ridiculous amount of money from his previous UFC run & Mayweather fight. Then he’s got a possible big pay day coming against Pacquiao.

UFC will want it as it will make a lot of money obviously but unless McGregor is able to negotiate a ridiculous pay split in his favour, I don’t think he will be arsed about fighting anymore.

For a challenge
Big fan of the young lad but looks like he needs a good feed and don't think this is a good fight for him at all. I think he'll get whalloped.

That's he natural size. He basically doesn't cut weight to get to middleweight.
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He strikes me as someone who is mainly interested about the money though. Nowt wrong with that mind.

He can make millions doing anything he wants outside of fighting imo.

Got to have the love for the fight game to be in it.

He knows his worth though and one of a handful of fighters who gets it