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Discussion in 'SMB' started by paws, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Aituk7

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    Ofcourse he does, so does anybody who makes money from the internet nowadays.

    I'm just saying of all the things to give him stick on this is the least by far. Building hype is what people do. Even tv companies that expose real life crimes put out trailers and build up hype.
  2. parsonjohn1985

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    I mean, the fact that you think he only makes money from donations and not from advertising suggests he has pretended at least once.

    If he only made money from donations there is no reason not to release everything you have as soon as you have it thus creating the biggest wtf.
  3. Aituk7

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    He doesn't receive money from advertising because he has been de-monetized for years.

    As for when he wants to release it, building hype is the natural thing to do for anyone who lives off donations. It's not a big deal at all... it's what anyone would do.
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  4. A few people seem to be labouring under the delusion that a) I don't recognise the need for the white working class to be treated better and b) any situation or problem is helped in any way by the usual far right plebs wanking themselves to a standstill over it
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  5. zwartekat

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    Well, I suppose he has his supporters quite excited about this but I'm not sure anyone else is much interested. If I didn't come on here then I would know nothing about it although I guess you would say that is because the usual media suspects are keeping him at arms length. I take your point about the trailers for tv programmes but most journalists (and I'm stretching credibility to use that term) wouldn't sit on a major scoop and allow the protagonists to perhaps prepare a counter-attack?

    We'll see what he has and perhaps this slightly 'drama queen' approach might make more sense then. At the moment, as @Mackem00 says, it's a bit cringeworthy.
  6. parsonjohn1985

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    No it isn't. Creating the biggest explosion is what someone who lives off donations would do. Getting people to return over and over looking for the next bite is what someone who is advertising who the returners are needs to do. Has he fuck been demonetized. He may not be able to advertise publicly but he sure as shit is getting ad money
  7. Bob Fleming

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    I watched the start of that video. He's definitely had a bit of beak hasn't he?
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  8. Aituk7

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    Fair points although journalists sit on scoops all the time.

    I wouldn't have known about it either and look at all of us talking about it.

    It's almost like his plan is working

    Whether it's good or not I have no doubt mackem00 yourself and the other people who despise TR will say its utter horseshit anyway

    The worst nickname for coke ever that like

    I'm pretty sure youtube and Facebook demonetized him like. People get demonetized for all sorts of shit.... It's not exactly a surprise

    No one's said "A"... Have they?
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  9. Bob Fleming

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    He has though. Gonna be a right damp squib for you boys this. He's just having a good laugh at the minute and enjoying having a little mackerel to dangle for you all to bark for.
  10. Mackem00

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    If he's unearthed corruption, wrong doing or general foul play then great. Won't alter the fact he's a monumental prick mind.

    Bit bad taste for him to with hold this information from the relevent authorites mind.
  11. HABA87

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    I'm way behind on all this, what's he claiming to have unearthed?
  12. Aituk7

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    It'll be hilarious even if it is rubbish, someone's gonna have egg on their face. With a 30 foot tv screen aswell... it'll be class either way

    He knows who really shot JFK

    What are you even going on about man.... :oops::lol:

    The authorities :rolleyes:
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  13. Mackem00

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    What's he claiming to know?
  14. parsonjohn1985

    parsonjohn1985 Midfield

    He won't get any money publicy faced but he'll definitely be selling people's info. Why wouldn't he?
  15. Aituk7

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    He hasn't outlined exactly what he knows but based on what he has said if I was to guess, the bbc have made a load of stuff up about TR to smear him, they've worked with hope not hate to do some of this and it's all been caught on camera.

    The really interesting stuff is regarding the bit where he told that sweeney fella hes homophobic and racist

    Big claim.
  16. Bob Fleming

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    Dunno actually :lol:

    I'm sure @Aituk7 can fill you in better. Seems to be that he has evidence of a campaign of lies by Panorama in cahoots with Hope not hate. Personally, think it will just turn out that he rumbled them trying to do a sting on him rather than some long-established fake news campaign.
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  17. Mackem00

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    So what were you laughing at in my previous post? Quite a big allegation for him to make and one that could lead to prosecutions/sackings.
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  18. Aituk7

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    He know what really happened on 9/11

    About Tommy Robinson... shutup man, he might bring a civil case, criminal proceedings are not gonna happen. It'll just be him proving they aren't as clear cut as they pretend to be, probably saying some horrible things and making a load of shite up.
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  19. Mackem00

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    You are just babbling now. I'll leave you to it.
  20. Aituk7

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    Finally :lol:

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