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**Tommy J in the USA**

Discussion in 'Gold' started by Beery Traveller, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    Please don't tell me you know the content of all the posts and their number off the top of your head?
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2005
  2. Stiffinho

    Stiffinho Winger

    It tells you on the top of each post man!
  3. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    I've now explained what I was trying to say all along.
  4. Flavonoids

    Flavonoids Striker

    I think that might be Shep down there :eek:
  5. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    PMSL Coke on the keyboard.

    So that's the job he went for in the end.
  6. That would explain his irrational obsession with missing out on this trip then, as he wanted to renew old acquaintences...the plot thickens

    Or Is Tommy a ginge?
  7. what have i missed now?
  8. DJP

    DJP Striker

    I haven't been following this thread. Can someone please give me the edited highlights!

    Or perhaps sum it up in pictures!

  9. So the phrase "get down Shep" was actually invented by the yanks?? :eek:


    been reading this thread for past 3 hours n 45 minutes and ive got to say its quite interesting deffo a *****
  11. Nevets

    Nevets Guest

    Just want to say a big hello to all my new friends in Sunderland.
    It was a great weekend of football support here in Portland.
    Hope everyone made it back safe.

  12. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    Hello Nevets and welcome

    Q1. Do you have chebs?

    Q2. If so can we see them?

    Q3. If not do you anyone who'll get them out?

    Thank you in advance for your chebs.
  13. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    P.S. We think Tommy J is in a cellar somewhere, living in a box wearing a full leather head to toe gimp outfit and is noe only allowed out at weekends for some good luvin.
  14. Nevets

    Nevets Guest

    um No...
    Nevets (Steven) ;)
    I do know my more photos from the weekend are out there, it's only a matter of time....... :-D
  15. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    Q3 does still apply though.

    You lot look like they certainly enjoy themselves at the matches.

    When does your season run from?
  16. Nevets

    Nevets Guest

    (way to short......) one below MLS in the USL First Division
    12 team league, we won the season title last year but we sit in 9th right now.
    Gotta run......
  17. SuperKev

    SuperKev Striker

    Just getting this off page 2.

    Would want to miss anything chebilicious.
  18. Delscottio1

    Delscottio1 Guest

    Let it go mate, then again everytime I think this has died I log on and find another 5 pages.

    Doesn't look as though Tommy is going to deliver any pics like - it could get past 150000 views if he does!
  19. frente88

    frente88 Guest

    :lol: Could be true!
  20. imho this thread is slowly dying :cry: . It has been my favourite thread on here. and must be made gerld!.it does sometimes pick up when the timbers post on an evening! I just wish tommyj would have the final word and post some pics! Then we may finally have closure!
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