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Discussion in 'Gold' started by Beery Traveller, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. Today sees TommyJ depart on his travels to the USA as the official SMB cultural ambassador

    He is departing from NCL at 12 noon, Heathrow to Chicago at 16:15, Chicagot to Seattle at 20:54 - arriving Seattle at 23:17.

    He has bought a couple of "Props"
    • A tour Flag
    • An obligatory T-Shirt with the slogan "Chebs oot"
    • A Sunderland Top with the name "Koller" and "6" on the back
    • And a t-shirt with "I love knob" on it*
    *this is is one of his ongoing challenges.

    There is a bourbon called "Knob Creek". He is tasked with buying young ladies the drink, whilst pretending to be on a marketing campaign for the company. He then takes their photo with them wearing the t-shirt.

    There will be more challenges to come over the next week, please let me have any suggestions and use this thread to record events.
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  2. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    Come on Tommy, make us proud!
  3. ferking class that is. I hope there is plenty of pics on the way, with smart looking lassses
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  4. hully2000

    hully2000 Guest

    Come on son!! Can't wait for the 'knob' challenge!

    If he can't get laid over there with the loose US women who love Brit lads, then he has let the whole of England down.............
  5. i concur, he is representing the smb don't feck it up tommy lad.
  6. and the smb, therefore he shouldn't be allowed back on here
  7. garydon

    garydon Guest

    Free-loading tw*t
  8. :lol: :lol:
  9. Unfortunately I could not persuade him to wear a Turban or go "blacked up".... however I reserve the right to use either of these as a forefeit should his performance in any way bring disgrace to the SMB
  10. MacAbbotts

    MacAbbotts Guest

    Loose? They only let you into their knickers with a pre-nuptual agreement and double barrier protection...
  11. not spavin

    not spavin Striker

    Did he go for the 'pretend to set alight to your shoes in the plane' dare in the end?
  12. hully2000

    hully2000 Guest

    Where have you been going in America?? US women are the easiest in the world. FACT.
  13. Nope - he is a "confirmed" sandal wearer
  14. i but he is in Canada so it doesn't matter what US women are like ;)
  15. Tommy should be getting to Newcastle Airport soon for his 12 noon flight. Any ideas for a tannoy message?
  16. MacAbbotts

    MacAbbotts Guest

    I haven't been for 13 years :lol:

    Anyway, in my experience Aussies and Kiwi's are the easiest. They also don't seem to care if you have a gf already! :wink:
  17. Ring up as his partner wishing him all the best for his sex change operation he's going abroad to have done.
  18. Stiffinho

    Stiffinho Winger

    Something that has the word "chebs" in. Anything.
  19. Stiffinho

    Stiffinho Winger

  20. hully2000

    hully2000 Guest

    .......cancels trip to the US and changes flight to Sydney........
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