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Discussion in 'Gold' started by My Boy Harry, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. shaun61

    shaun61 Striker

    Yes, and the Sunday Sun next day showed the weapons found at the back of the Fulwell - they put them on display 2 pasting tables and the weaponry was frightening.

    The Fulwell was there and was almost sick at the sight of all the casulaties being carted out with blood all owa the place as Sunderland tried to retake the Fulwell End.

    Probably the nastiest day ever seen at RP.
  2. lambton cat

    lambton cat Winger

    So was the stabbing at roker park? :confused:
  3. jesus juice

    jesus juice Striker

    People who are over 40 years old post on here?
  4. shaun61

    shaun61 Striker

    Haway then, what's everyones top 5 as to who brought the biggest followings to RP and the year ?

    Mags in 76-77 was the biggest I recall - easily 8/9000 in the Roker End plus odds and sods in paddocks and Clock Stand seats. Possibly 12000 in the 46000 crowd ??

    Mags again 79-80 - not as many as 76-77 when they were going for UEFA qualification {which they got under caretaker turned proper boss Richard Dinnis} but must have been up to 10,000 in total ??

    Man Utd 76-77 - were supposed to bring 15000 but ended up with about 5000 - beat them anarl.

    Carlisle FA Cup in 92 ish - drew 1-1 - Ferguson for us - about 5000 of them.

    Chelsea 75-76 - beat them 2-1 - Longhorn got the winner - about 4000 ??

    Can never remember Liverpool, Everton, Man City, the 2 Sheffields, Leeds, Boro, Spurs, West Ham, Arsenal bringing more than 1000 - 2500 up. Could be wrong like.

    there was def' at RP and probably at SJP too as Sunderland daft uns tried to go in Leazes End - not a good idea.

    Real bad times the late 60's/early 70's with them - wasn't good in 80's and 90's either but respective followings much reduced as capacities at both cut back from 50000 to 30000.

    yep - 47.
  5. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    Up until away followings became easier ie the PL, easier to travel etc. no one came to SAFc in any great numbers bar the Mags and Man United. Taking them out of the equation:

    Portsmouth brought a fair following at the end of one season at RP, as did WBA. Other than that i'm strugglking really to think of any team in between 1974 and say 1998 who brought anymore than a couple of thousand - even that was a rarity.

    chelsea brought a fair few up in the MKSF but it shows how few have doen so when we're down to trying to remembe rindividual matches.

    about 500 to 1,500 was the norm really - as I remember it.
  6. lambton cat

    lambton cat Winger

    Rangers brought loads for a friendly, think it was the 90's like, Gary Bennet testemonial? Mind it felt like a throwback to 70/70's...
  7. Sandman

    Sandman Winger

    Apart from Newcastle and Leeds I only remember Chelsea bringing a good following from the 70's onwards. They always gave a good account of themselves in the 'battles' on the Roker end terraces.
    I always felt sorry for Blackpool, who once brought a lot of fans (in the 70's) as they could win promotion with a win, we had nothing to play for. We beat them and their fans were kicked out of the Roker (onto the pitch in some cases like Spurs a few years later).
  8. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    The one where Longhorn scored the winner? We won 2 v 1 IIRC. Hell on before the game in the Roker End. They all piled in about 2.15pm to 2.30pm and it all kicked off. I was only 14 and in the Re Childrens Enclosure with my sister.

    someone mentioned earlier on the WHU match circa 1978 when they were encircled in the RE. They eventually sat down in the middle of the game and refused to budge. I subsequently, years later, got tlaking to an WHU fan who had bee in amongst them that day and he said that they sat down as a sign that they knew they were going to get battered.

    the lad was right about the lasses in amongst them that day - skinheads, DM's etc.

    Millwall came in 1978 and they were place din the middle of the Re as well. about 40 of them. The rest were in the Main Stand out of the way. The likes of Harry The Dog and Billy The wolf were leaning on the barriers next to the SAFc fans cadging tabs - they couldnt give a fuck.

    Late 70's was the worst I knew for trouble, 1978ish was a nightmare, especially in London. Millwall was seriously bad for your health as were the usial suspects eg Chelsea, Spurs, WHU.

    I also remember going to Orient when rowell missed his one and only competitive penalty (he also missed one against bthe Australian Federation in a RP friendly IIRC) and one of my mates got his eye blacked by an Orient fan about 2 hours before the kick off. Hell on that day as well. WHU fans were on the terraces and running battles ensued.

    aye, forgot about that, hell on as well.

    the Blackpool fans parked their buses on the sea front and some of them got chased onto the Beach and into the Sea.

    I remember the Spurs game circa 1978 when they ran onto the pitch and refused to go back into the RE. IIRC this was in retribution to the year previous when we had gone to WHL for an end of season game and a lot of SAFC fans got a beating. A lad I know from CLS got chased and ran over. :eek:
  9. kdavik

    kdavik Midfield

    I'm no stranger to a bit of aggro meself like. I remember standing on the fence at the back of the Fulwell end, buying some peanuts for a tanner and then promptly pelting them back at the peanut man. Nowt shy about me. Like I say, they dont grow cabbages in my back garden for nowt.
  10. Pioneer

    Pioneer Guest

  11. My Boy Harry

    My Boy Harry Striker

    I didnt understand his post either. Most people in the 70's will have seen a load of violence at matches. It doesnt mean they took part though.
  12. Cambs Mackem

    Cambs Mackem Central Defender

    Peanuts and Cabbages?? Beats me!!
    I don't think many people actually went looking for a tear up it just seemed to sort of happen!! Living down south in the 80's I attended more away games than home and the London games especially got a bit hairy. Never looked for trouble but inevitably you had to fight your way out of grounds as at Spurs in 85.
    Wasn't aversed to running as well mind you when the opportunity arose!!
  13. WillD

    WillD Striker

    My best season was in 1988/89 wehn we had the g force, good attacking entertaining footy.
  14. bobby clonk

    bobby clonk Goalkeeper

    Random memories -

    1st game lost 1-0 at home to Burnley late '72 I think..

    Cup run in '73, Tony Tones in defence and watson at centre forward v Notts County(?), Corrigan's mistake at Maine Road, the atmosphere at the Man City replaY, Guthrie's goal against Luton, not seeing much of the Final as I was 6 and everyone was a giant...Leeds fans chucking a brick at the car as we drove back home, those massive rosettes, Vic Halom's was my pride and joy

    Leeds fans stopping our car and spitting on us and trying to burn our scarves outside Elland Road after Bremner's testimonial in '74 (?), my dad asked a copper to do something only for him to walk away...being terrified at City Ground and at Preston @75/76...getting a punch in the face and my scarf nicked at half time at Turf Moor about 76..

    How good a side we were when Elliot, Arnott and Rowell started playing...Arnott was sublime at times..Tony Towers getting sent off regularly and kissing one of the opposition to diffuse a probable scrap...Rod Belfiits utter ineptitude, Danny Hegan's disappearance, the bloke next to us in the Clock Stand whose catch phrase was 'Malone, you big stiff!'...

    Having to stand in the Boro end at Ayresome Park on my own, I was about 10 ...Boro won 2-0, always losing at home to the 2 Bristol sides, sitting on some spikes at Oxford when we needed a point to go up IIRC only for their centre-half to score a 30 yarder, being allowed fish and chips on the way home after night matches from that place behind the Roker End...
  15. Wayne The Punk

    Wayne The Punk Striker

    They were def in town when we played them one good friday, think it was 2-2, i got stitches after hit by a bottle in the continental 1978 I think
  16. Zimbo

    Zimbo Central Defender

    John Tones if I remember correctly. Went to Arsenal
  17. teesside safc

    teesside safc Central Defender

    Believe that was Stokoes first game in charge. Got a photo of me patting him on the back as he walked out of the tunnel, but crap on computer and cant get it on here
  18. Corvus

    Corvus Striker

    There's a few references to Brighton away 1978 in this thread, a day that I'll never forget.

    Living in Cambridge at the time and a member, together with my ex-wife, of the London and South SAFCSA branch, we got the train down from Cambridge to Kings Cross to meet up with the branch. Early Saturday morning around Kings Cross in those days was great craic, London branches of all sorts of clubs at all levels meeting up to catch their coaches to whereever. Anyway we were off to Brighton.

    The coach, of 3 travelling, we were on just ordinary folk from 8 to 80 off to a footy match. We had set off in good time to have a stroll up the sea front, grab a pint or several and a bite to eat, then off to the match. On getting to the outskirts of Brighton around mid-day we were met by coppers on motor-bikes who escorted us to the sea front where we were told that we had half an hour to get something to eat and return to the coach, the police told the coach driver that those that were not back in time, tough luck. We were escorted up to the Goldstone and arrived at about 1 o clock, hardly anyone around, no turnstiles open. We were all searched on getting off the coach and my ex had a steel comb confiscated as an offensive weapon :roll:. So I say to this copper that we don't want to go into the away cage and want to sit in the main stand, he says there's no tickets left for the main stand, I say it's not a cup match v Liverpool/Man U etc, etc, can we go round to the ticket office and see what's what. He throws me into an upopened turnstile, his marra joins in and the pair of them beat the holy shit out of me. They walk on and me and my lass get to walk around to the ticket office to check out the main stand situation. The Brighton ticket office won't let us into the main stand, so it's the away cage or nowt. On the way around to the away cage we encounter a big group of Brighton arseholes in their smooth fashions of the time, and there's us in jeans etc. Some of these arseholes start roughing my lass up and I, still sore from the coppers laying into me, flip and wade into them. Result, another feckin' hiding.

    The following day, Sunday, me hurting like hell all over I had to go down to A&E at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. 2 broken ribs, a broken nose and bruises all over. It didn't matter, we'd won the match.

    Boy, wasn't I young and daft and wasn't following football back then a lot load of shite sometimes.
  19. I distinctly remember turning a blind corner and witnessing grown men ( probably 14 year olds ) brandishing handkerchiefs containing bricks at which point I legged it only to realise on further inspection that they were from Sunderland. Still, loved the trips down to the Goldstone if only to re-enact some of the scenes from Quadrophenia. ;)
  20. Yes, those 1-1 draws against Man City, Stoke, WBA, Watford in a month and getting beat off Walsall at home were thrilling.

    The season before was pretty good mind when we went up. ;)
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