The Somme remembrance 1st July

Discussion in 'Gold' started by twangmackem, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. raindog

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    RIP Private Charlie Barnes survived the Somme only to be killed in France 2 months before the great war ended in 1018. Buried in Pelton Cemetary with his dad who died in the Urpeth pit explosion in 1906
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  2. Tadger

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    My great great grandad served. CSM Ernest Jackson, 19th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry (The Bantams), part of the 35th Infantry Division.

    Fought in the Battle of Albert in the first two weeks of The Somme then in 1917 fought at Arras then the Third Battle of Ypres. Mentioned in despatches twice and awarded the Military Medal.

    Never talked about it by all accounts, but my grandad managed to get copies of some of the war diaries so he could find out where he fought.

    Braver men than any of us.
  3. Pancho

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    There are some exceptional contributions and many moving family stories on this thread.

    I don't do likes, so thank you all.
  4. Paddy O'Dors

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    My brother traced the likely regiment of the sniper who shot my distant relative I mentioned earlier in the thread. It was some Bavarian Infantry regiment apparently. Dunno how he got the information mind.
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  5. Would it be possible for this thread to eventually be put in the gold forum? I personally think it deserves to end up there as a reminder of all the poster's on this threads loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

    It's been very moving to read the contributions on this thread and it shows just what a service to this country those men made 100 years ago.
  6. Nope sorry, it was from around 2007 ish iirc. Still haven't found it.
  7. Pancho

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    That's above my pay grade but I agree and will ask the question.
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  8. Tadger

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    Don't know if it's already been mentioned on this thread but this book is a great read.


    My grandad knows the author well, he's originally from Sunderland and he used to knock about with him as a bairn but moved down south and since became somewhat of an expert on the Great War. When my grandad bought the book he got in touch with him and they've been over to France and Belgium to visit the battlefields and graves.
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  9. Had me in tears this thread and I don't do tears. If I'd seen any of the #wearehere soldiers I would have been in bits. Humbled.
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    Just had the chance to get back on here and catch up on the posts, so my apologies for that, but there has been some brilliant reads and thank you for commenting. CHEERS

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