The SMB Movie thread 2020


Coogan's Bluff 6/10
Canny ridiculous but enjoyable tosh. All the "cowboy in the big city" stuff is fun. And Clint is just so fucking handsome imo. Nee wonder all the lasses in this film try and shagt him. Nice motorcycle chase at the end. Bit daft though. Why are prisoners allowed to take lsd in jail in the 60s?


Withnail and I - gave it another go after watching Richard E Grant doing snippets of the script on Twitter. I didn't like it back then and it soon became obvious I still don't like it now. 3/10
some German/American film on Amazon about a refugee hiding in a dascha in East Berlin. It was proper fluff, but an easy watch to kill a few hours. 5/10
What we do in the Shadows
download I got had all the text in German so I missed out on some of the significance of the written parts and the discussion between Viago and his old servant. Not as good as the TV show for me. 7/10
Japanese remake by Takashi Miike. A samurai goes to a clan under the pretence of a suicide bluff but all is not as it seems. Quite toned down for Miike and a bit trite in parts, but nevertheless a decent watch. 8/10
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Saturday night - The Hitmans Bodyguard (6/10), was decent enough thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson some good funny bits from both

Sunday night - The Wolf of Wall Street (9/10), knew I'd finally get round to watching it past the first 10mins eventually pleased I did fantastic film


Dolomite is my name - Bit slow in parts, however enjoyable. Based on a true story (6/10)
Boys will be boys - Will Hay (Classic 9/10)

Oh Mr Porter - Will Hay "Sorry, the next trains gone" (9/10)
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Rocket Man - 7.5/10
Worth a watch
Yeah, saw that at the weekend. It ends very strangely though - like only half a life story.
Mind, I just didn't realise how big he was for quite a while.

Also, after watching that not long after Bohemian Rhapsody, I can say without any fear, Queen's music was better.