The daily mirror has this England XI for the Tunisia match

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by stephen cartwright, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    Looks areet to me
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  2. naughtynose

    naughtynose Striker

    Would imagine Rose and Dier will play ahead of Young and Henderson
  3. Only surprise for me is no dier. Must be injured
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  4. Steeeeed86

    Steeeeed86 Winger

    Only change I’d consider is Trent over Trippier.
    Or Even Dier at CB and Walker at RWB
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  5. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man Midfield

    Is Rashford injured?
  6. thecloughywobble

    thecloughywobble Midfield

    That back three gives me the fear.
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  7. The Muffin Man

    The Muffin Man Midfield

    Absolutely delighted that our own press are leaking the side, up there with people trying to unsettle players by whinging about their tattoos in terms of being kernts.
  8. Wearside2Wrwkshire

    Wearside2Wrwkshire Central Defender

    I realise it's the way he's going to go but i don't like Walker at cb mainly because I'm not a fan of Trippier at wing back.
    It would have made more sense to convert Delph into a cb imo to give us a natural left footer there. Then at least we wouldn't be shoe horning a right footer on the left side of defence and kept Walker on the right where he is much more of a threat with his pace than Trippier.
    Looks about right otherwise i guess. I would pick Rose personally as he is much the better player but Young has arguably had the better season
  9. Pickford
    Walker Stones Cahill (if fit)
    Trippier Dier Henderson Rose
    Alli Sterling
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  10. bu-bu-buchanon

    bu-bu-buchanon Striker

    Rose ahead of Young I would have thought ?

    Southgate has strongly hinted he won’t play both Dier and Henderson against Tunisia and Panama. Not to say he won’t of course but he’s talked about not needing that shield for those games
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  11. Sorry, meant this is my preferred side rather than what I think he will go with.
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  12. Billy Batts

    Billy Batts Striker

    I'd have rose instead of young
  13. Morny

    Morny Striker

    For anyone interested in this sort of thing, can get 10/11 Maguire to start at both Laddies and Coral, and 11/10 for Young.

    The rest seem to have adjust their odds - 4/6 for Henderson is the best otherwise (Paddys and Betfair)
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  14. Comeback_Kenwyne

    Comeback_Kenwyne Central Defender

    Think you'd imagine wrong. Henderson in clearly ahead of Dier in the pecking order.

    Surprised by Young, but not exactly shock of the century.

    Maguire should be nowhere near the fucking team, that's the main thing.

    I don't mid walker at CB, but I agree on the left-footer crack.
  15. Looks decent to me, that
  16. I reckon if we had Scholes, Beckham and Shearer we might be in with a shout.....
  17. admwil

    admwil Winger

    That's what it will be imo
  18. cooky

    cooky Midfield

    Only real debate there imo will be Rose or young and maguire or Cahill. Henderson has to start over dier for me, Dier is totally overrated, gash.
  19. the veteran

    the veteran Central Defender

    Looks about right...Southgate likes Trippier so walker will accommodate the shape of the team...not keen on young as he got very predictable in the 1st friendly as he can't use his left foot...Henderson is a no brainer like, A specialist in that role if managers decide that's what they want and their isn't many better at it in the prem, he's capable of so much more at cm
    I hope England take a leaf out of Russia's book and press high up the pitch to force mistakes...
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