The changing art of cricket commentary


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Might come over a bit old fashioned here, but I remember the days when Ted Laker done an hour and then Richie did his hour. Camera at one end only. Enjoyed it just as much as today’s dozen commentators, analysts, guys in the studio etc.
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As an apprentice 1978.. Listening to radio 4 at work was magic... Loved cricket ever since... All forms of the game..


I never appreciated Benaud enough at the time.

Had he not witnessed half of the test matches ever played by the time he finished?

i remember his story about Bert Ironmonger who's batting average was 3 or 4, in them days the roller was pulled by a horse, when he came in as last man the horse would automatically just back in to the shafts of the roller without being told to. fits of laughter from the fellow commentators

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Tbf, to Sky the whole package of cricket, through the commentary, presentation and everything really is superb.

They do a fanastic job showing vasts amount of cricket over the year to us, it's not cheap sky, but the cricket coverage is very very good.
It's the only reason I pay for SKY Sports. Couldn't give a toss about the football - far too much of it on now.
It's the only reason I pay for SKY Sports. Couldn't give a toss about the football - far too much of it on now.

Yeah far too much football I agree, however Sky gives some brilliant coverage of other sports, apart from cricket, coverage of the golf is superb, their coverage of the majors and Ryder cup is simply brilliant.

For a cricket fan who has Sky, their spoilt for choice imo.

Lots of discussions on here about the ‘good old days’ however Sky has brought fanastic up to date professional coverage of cricket that we haven’t seen before.
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There will always be some who hark back to the good old days of commentary and, in a way TMS has preserved that, albeit with their own evolution of commentators and commentary style. Say what you like about Sky, but they have revolutionised cricket coverage. More cameras, more analysis, more ex-pros explaining the game to people. The Saturday morning stuff they do with the likes of Gough, Healy or Ponting is excellent.

Anyone who doesn't like the new style of cricket coverage should think back to the early 90s and BBC 2's afternoon schedule:
1:40pm Cricket, Wimbledon and Horse Racing
3:40pm Afternoon News
4:10pm Wimbledon and Cricket
6:00pm Wildlife on Two


Quite enjoyed listening to Steven Finn on TMS in NZ.
Ayee he was good like
I was also brought up on Arlott, Laker, Benuad and TMS. The thing that I really dislike now is the attempt to bring in "fashionable" phrases for more well-known actions.

Buzzers - FFS they are overthrows! I had never heard of a knuckle ball until the last few years. I blame the Essex boy trying to be something that he is not - popular!
I think knuckle ball is an American thing, I'm guessing aa baseball term? Pretty sure it's used in ice hockey annarl when you teat the Puck when it's up on an end, I gues it gans slower
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