Sunderland drug dealers only repay £1

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Fletch, Aug 9, 2018.

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    I haven’t heard that name for years but obviously I still see JH kicking about.
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    Totally agree but I watched an interview with a very high ranking officer who said they spent hundreds of millions a year and they stop appx 1% reaching the streets so a new approach is required, the war on drugs as it plays out now is lost.
    Control it and legalise a lot of it and use the money and the time to target those higher up the tree that peddle the likes of heroin etc.
    As many people died last year falling down the stairs almost as deaths from weed, pills and sniffing coke but we don't make stairs illegal or spend hundreds of millions on stair safety. I would never recommend anyone does drugs but some aren't that big of a deal (no pun intended)
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  4. My mates bought a load of cowies (supposedly just to supply to our mates) to take to Tall Trees back in the day. One of the silly sods got full of himself and started asking if strangers were sorted.
    Que, him being invited to have a drink and a line with a load of Boro lads.
    On the way out, one put a knife in his back, took all his money and told him never to set foot back in the place again. A valuable lesson learned and not something he ever considered again.

    Disclaimer: For the benefit of any authorities reading. This never happened and was merely a dream I had last night.
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