Sunday nights


Central Defender
Look forward to a Sunday Evening now - TopGear does help thou - having said that, its only today then following 2 weeks as this series is only 5 Episodes for some reason? Probably blew the budget with the 2 cars Flintoff and Paddy have trashed this past 2 weeks
I feel worse all of a sudden


Sundays were such a contrast to Saturdays. No shops open, nowt on the telly, no footy, nowt to do. Only homework and going to church.

That Sunday feeling still stays with me even now.


I’ve worked from home for the last 5.5 years and I don’t get the Sunday dread anywhere near as much. It used to be Heartbeat theme tune and the smell of the iron whisky me mam was doing the uniforms. Then older it was when there was 5 mins of 5 a side left.


I’m really loathing my Sunday night tonight after a week off. Back to the (working from home) grind tomorrow.
I’m working from home tomorrow as well but I’m more stressed than a normal Sunday.

Testing the teaching with remote learning from home.

spent all day sorting shit out only for my internet to go down or the cover teacher being a f***ing numpty and not being able to work out how to broadcast the PC to the classes.

Done more planning today than I’ve done in years. Stressed to fuck.

And I don’t normally get stressed :lol:


Full Back
Used to work in a job where I could work during the week and a Saturday or Sunday some weekends so Monday mornings didn’t fill me with dread. Last 18 months I’ve been in a Monday to Friday job and I genuinely despise Sunday nights.


Full Back
I don’t mind a Sunday like but you need a plan going in in advance, what you’re doing, what you’re having to eat, something planned to watch on the tele or film, what you need to do for tomorrow and have it all set out so you’re not at a loose end. It’s when you feel like you’re wasting your precious chill time or letting the day get away from you that you run into trouble and get the Sunday scaries
Even worse this one. Nowt to look forward to again. Work kip work kip and repeat then probably work all next weekend as fuck all else to do and I’m falling behind with new tasks plus lack of motivation with the current situation
I’m sat here properly pissed off. Been forced to empty a shed, paint the landing and then hoover. I hate doing anything on a Sunday as it’s generally my pyjama, dressing gown and sofa day until about 11am. I’m all to pot, had another shower and just can’t settle now and the idea of not having a lazy morning tomorrow cos of graft has only added to the mood.

Got loads of Halloween sweets left over so will eat them to cheer me up.


I’m really loathing my Sunday night tonight after a week off. Back to the (working from home) grind tomorrow.
I n find it’s not as bad while working from home , unsure why , just seems less impact not having an hour commute