Sunday nights


Trying to embrace Sunday’s a bit more. It’s a day off after all! Used to just think about going back to work too much (even though I do like my job to be honest)


Sunday nights these days consist of ironing nursery/work gear then walking out for a pint with the lads while the missus does a bit work - maybe pick a takeaway up on the way home if I've not made a massive Sunday dinner

Big Jeff

Sundays aren't so bad compared to when I was a kid. There was nothing then - no sport, no shops, etc. Used to enjoy the Sunday dinner but then it would sometimes be a dull visit to relatives and, even more often, a realisation that I'd put off doing homework and either had to put in a few hours on Sunday evening or take a detention or similar. Miserable stuff. :cry: :cry:
I used to leave my homework till about 7pm on Sunday night then it was panic time realising how much I had to do.