Sunday dinner


The cafe on Dovedale road does takeaway Sunday dinners for about £5, I think they deliver them as well. I wasn't impressed like, but I like a decent sized Sunday dinner.
Nee way.... I suppose if your old and living on your own it might be handy like. I've just never seen it.

So what did you get on it for a fiver? Any sweetcorn? :lol:



Even if I think about the best one I've ever had, I still wouldn't want to eat the same thing every week like. Fucking mental.

I mean, @Aituk7 replied and knew what I was on about so... :rolleyes:
They're just old and set in a routine, they have fish and chips every friday for tea without fail aswell.


I don't even put peas on mine, I think that's a bit weird aswell.
Thinking back to when my mam always knocked them up. It was usually Yorkshires, mashed potato, roasties, stuffing, turnip, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, parsnips, meat and gravy.