St Benedicts Hospice - going on Tuesday with me mam and dad

Discussion in 'SMB' started by janey, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    for an appointment with me dad.
    Sounds daft that I’m glad we are going to a hospice, and obviously I’d rather not be going, but I’m glad in a way because it means things will be in place to help us hopefully keep him at home when we need it.
    I’ve only heard really good things about it. My only experience was when my Aunty was in the old building on Newcastle Road, she was there when we lost me sister and niece, the staff knew the full story and the care was second to none
  2. My mum (I am not from the NE) was in a hospice for only 2 days but it was like a hotel, the facilities were fantastic. It was amazing that it was ran via charitable donations.
    Contact us - St Giles Hospice
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  3. janey

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    They are remarkable, I’m not proud that I buy clothes and never wear them, I’m quite proud that I donate them to St Benedicts
  4. Charmless Man

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    My nana was cared for there at the end of her days and I used to volunteer there when I was a young’un.

    Doesn’t ease what you’re going through really but all I can say is that they are brilliant there and you’ll all be looked after.
  5. MackemBob

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    My great uncle spent some time in st Benedicts. Was a great comfort to my great aunt.
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  6. Apparently the U.K. has some of the best palliative care in the world.
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  7. janey

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    It doesn’t ease it but we want him at home and the reassurance is they are brilliant and hopefully they will help that happen xx
  8. Charmless Man

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    Certainly seems like we do. I enjoyed being there, in a weird way.

    I was basically there to take food round to patients and relatives on a weekend but hearing about their lives and stories was tremendous at times. Cant help but admire the humour and strength of people facing that down!
  9. yorkyexile

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    Mum was in the place at the top of westgate road when she passed. Horrible places by association but fantastic at what they do. Made sure she was comfortable and peaceful up till the end.
    Me stepmam is a palliative care nurse for marie curie at their center in Bradford as well. Had enough of the NHS and decided that was a far better use of her time effort and god knows how much training.
    Hope your dad doesnt need it though for a good while yet
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  10. SayWhatYouSee

    SayWhatYouSee Full Back

    As others have said, they are truly brilliant and I’m sure will give you every help you need. We were so thankful for this place I will never forget the experience or people.
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  11. itscoldinhere

    itscoldinhere Winger

    my Grandad spent his final days there when it was in Newcastle road.amazing staff.excellent care
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  12. Yes I’d like to volunteer when our kids are older, even if I just mow the lawns.

    The last time I saw my mum alive she was being pushed around in a wheelchair and I shouted ‘Hey bring back that little old lady’ .... it’s how we’ve always taken the mickey out of each other.
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  13. janey

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    Me mam is determined he will be at home, and that’s his wish, I will support it 100%. Except I’ve said I can’t handle seeing him in pain, so if he needs hospice care to manage that I’ll be grateful of their support

    Taking the Mickey is the best, I rang me dad the other day, I was chatting to him and he said I’m going to get some oxygen. I said you do that dad don’t waste your breathe talking to me. He replied
    “Yes you are right pet, I’ve wasted enough of me breath talking to you over the years”
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  14. ISOE II

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    Your dad can go for respite care - my BiL did and it was a help to everyone (my sister had two young disabled children at the time). If the end does come at home make sure you're up to speed with the pain relief and the driver machine. The Marie Curie nurses are fantastic and were a great help for my MiL.
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  15. Gaz

    Gaz Striker

    The hospice will work with palliative specialist / community nursing / GP to ensure he can be at home with plenty of support & pain relief as needed. They’ll do everything possible to do what he wants.

    Didn’t realise he was that poorly, i’ve been through it 5 times now and it never gets any easier. The Hospice are top class though both for your Dad and family, as are Marie Curie

    Hope your Dad doesn’t need it for a good while yet x
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  16. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    That’s why I’m glad he’s going to be in the system, the GP has already prescribed, and we have a lot of the needed driver meds, and hopefully if we need it we will get respite. Even if it’s just to sort out pain management, and get him home again.
    Hope your sister is okay xx
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  17. your strength, dignity, and love just shines through on these threads @janey

    I fear i’ll be facing similar in the next 6 months. Only hope i’m half as strong.
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  18. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    No reason why you would no he was that poorly xx
    It’s not imminent (I hope) but he’s not having anymore treatment as in chemo.
    Sorry you’ve been through it 5 times x
    It definitely doesn’t get easier, I’ve lost older relatives, but in the out of sequence/order me sister and baby niece wasn’t the natural order. Growing up, when you think randomly about losing a parent, you think you will have your sibling and you’ll support each other. I’ll knack her leaving me with this wherever she is :evil::lol:

    What lovely words, thank you. Sorry you could be facing the sane, I’m sure you will be, but PM me anytime xx
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  19. :lol: Most of my family are sarcy buggers, the problem is that other people can be quite sensitive to it. We’d argue about daft little things but when something serious occurred the main strategy was to put the kettle on. :lol:
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  20. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    See if people get sensitive, that’s their problem not the ones who can laugh and be sarcy :) x
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