South Shields mosque

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Upthere, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. dangermows

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    How old were they? LOL
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  2. Brian Griffin

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    Groomed! Ahahahaha.

    I started infant school in 86 so they were always around.

    The lads I know all drive good cars. Seems odd they live on Julian St like.
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  3. errant

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  4. butcher

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    There's a camera pointing straight at the mosque been there for ages. If it was outside the police should have no bother identifying those involved
  5. There was a documentary once on bbc about it .I think it was “coast “
  6. West_Winger

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    Bollocks as per.

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  7. zwartekat

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    There probably was the odd dalliance, much as there is probably a grain of truth in white South Shields lasses marrying Arabs because the blokes didn't spend all their wages on drink. They're canny stories but not much more. The riots were mainly about economic hardship on all sides.
  8. royaldragon

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    Jumping to conclusions?
  9. I remember now watching that documentary and asking an old Muslim Bricklayer who worked with us about it at the time who was from Sheilds.He told me the story about blokes coming back from wherever and lasses being shacked up with blokes from the Yemen .

    Never mind the “As per” aswell you ignoramus.
  10. Tommasi

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    Same Julian Street.
  11. the dark one

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  12. GK

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    This isn't right mind. The riots happened after the war.
  13. Old Bart is deed now mate ,can’t pull him up on it now .
  14. dangermows

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    Nope. Winding racists up.
  15. jamieboy

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    No the bloke is just a knob .
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  16. Caer_Urfa

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    Went there on a school trip once. Shite.
  17. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Wehey, point proven, racist wound up :lol:
  18. Ye couldn't wind a toy up ya muppet
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  19. dangermows

    dangermows Striker

    Evidence is there for all to see :cool:
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    Someone believes god a better way that someone else.

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