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    WHO WAS PHONE Goalkeeper

    7 - Moved to Chester le Street from Bournmoor with my parents and little sister.

    14 - Good kid at school, wanted to be a scientist but heard that Aldi round the corner paid well. Bright as a button but hated "proving it" in written work.

    21 - Found out I was going to be a Dad and wasn't prepared for it at all. Nearly lost her due to complications and spent every week going to scans and waiting for the worst news. Working as a cold caller for EDF and hated every second.

    28 - Have an incredible daughter, no job and crippling depression. Despite multiple suicide attempts, was somehow still around.

    31 (now) - I have 2 daughters, both of whom have saved me. Actually have a career after stumbling into an old school friend, who gave me a chance. I'm an architectural steelwork Estimator and happy.
  2. GTG

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    I like this quote from Kate Tempest:

    "We die so others can be born
    We age so others can be young
    The point of life is live,
    Love if you can
    Then pass it on."

    But I also subscribe to the view that youth is wasted on the young!
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  3. Goat Eyes

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    Very honest.

    Are you at Beals by chance or elsewhere?

    WHO WAS PHONE Goalkeeper

    Nah a smaller competitor
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  5. Goat Eyes

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    I just know the owners at Beals.

    Well played anyway, I know where to come for all my erection needs in future.
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    WHO WAS PHONE Goalkeeper

  7. Amazing reading these threads.
    7 - Lucky childhood simply the fact that we lived in a beautiful rural Oxfordshire village surrounded by Orchards. Went to the village school Harwell but all I wanted to do was play outside including football. Not a wealthy family and a small house but Mum made our house open to every kid in the village and made so many friends.
    14 - Went to the rough all boys comprehensive school in a shit hole Town Didcot. Outside of school loved my life. Fishing, Shooting and already following STFC everywhere with my older Brother. At school did the bare minimum which often resulted in falling short. Happiness was being with my Labrador walking miles and loving the Countryside. Wonderful times with no pressure.
    21 - Was working in a bank simply because I left school at 16 with minimum qualifications and wanted money as I was hanging around with older lads. Women then on the scene and was out of control. Drinking was an issue that luckily I pulled myself back from. Whilst all this time Dad was in a long term affair and still with Mum. Tough but we all got through it. Job absolutely boring.
    28 - Defining time. Was studying since 21 thorough home study and became fully qualified - I was then in the current profession I am now in - Procurement.Had already left the Bank and got quick promotions whilst working at the Rover Car plant. Left to take my first Managerial position at a German automotive lighting manufacturer -Hella. Was living the life, free, single dated Women, always in the gym but the big difference I was not out of control. Obsessed with Women which could have got me into problems. Travelling all over the Country with Mated following Swindon. Life was simple and good.
    35 - Still at Hella and a decent company and job. Working in Germany a bit which was enjoyable. Bought a nice house in Banbury and was still living a single lads life with holidays. Much the same, holidays and Mates were everything. Keeping fit was important and helped.
    42 - Complete change. Within a year, engaged, married and first Son and actually settled down in my life. Working in the Construction industry buying steel and timber all over the world as a UK Souring Manager. Living in a small village on the outskirts of the Northants border. Life now all about my family. Still going to football and keen on fishing.
    49 - Dad passed away which was sad. More regrets than anything else. Son number two born. Extended the house. Working now as a Global Sourcing Manager for an American Company. Still Swindon mad and eldest started to get introduced. Still keeping fit living the family life.
    55 - (not yet 56). Now a Global Sourcing Director for a Company near Oxford. Ffs how did that happen. Like the greatest rock and roll swindle from the Sex Pistols, still working class and proud of that. Will never change. Mum still alive and living in the same house as (7). Boys are everything. Love our new house and village with dog. Work is tough but I get through it. Still married which my mates can’t believe but I grew up, I had to change. No longer go to the gym but walk to keep fit. Swindon remained constant through the journey.

    Friendship, luck and hard work - no regrets.
  8. Quench

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    Love the disgraceful Granda bit. I bet we'd all like to think we'd do the same in your position. Top man
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  9. Frijj

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    7 - Primary school
    14 - Secondary school
    21 - University
    28 - Work
    35 - Spending my lottery millions on prostitutes and cocaine
    42 - Deed
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  10. Lambchops

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    7 - primary school - never far away from a football
    14 - secondary school,football, drinking, bucking
    21 - working for the NHS, engaged, bought first house, football
    28 - divorced, bought flat, took voluntary redundancy from the NHS and bucked the Med for a summer, football
    35 - had been in CZ for 5 years at this point, married to the current Mrs Lambchops, first kid on the way, working for a batshit crazy company, bad injury forced football retirement, took up golf
    Almost 42 - still married to the one from being 35, 2nd kid has arrived, enjoying life
  11. Keith S30S

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    7 - just finishing infants in Sunderland, playing footy and mucking about bird nesting with mates
    14 - mucking about at school, playing for the school footy team, going to match and ice rink, courting lasses
    21 - working 3 shifts as a printer in Sunderland, engaged, supporting SAFC home and away, Sunday morning footy
    28 - work as above, living with lass (not as above) 1 kid, season ticket but less away games, Sunday morning footy
    35 - work as above, married, 3 kids, still season ticket holder, packed in playing footy
    42 - Working away in training / customer support (same firm) Divorced, living alone, trying to be a good Dad. Season ticket holder, the odd away game
    49 - After 2 redundancies (1 voluntary) working as production planner in Gateshead, moved to Houghton, engaged, still season ticket holder, Wembley only away games. Plenty of holidays...

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  12. 7-fiddling
    21-drinking, wanking, shagging
    27-much the same. And a dad. And married.
    35-much the same. Divorced.
    42-see above. Not dead yet.
  13. errant

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    7. simple washington life, carefree when looking back from adulthood. half decent at school, lazy fucker though. lucky.
    14. secondary school, hated it - still a lazy fucker. washington at the beginning of the 90s was a shit hole. still lucky in life.
    21. living at home & ending uni, dicking around drinking too much, part-time job to earn cash for the weekend. wouldnt know much about life outside the bubble of the lads, birds, boozing & music.
    28. buy a house, get engaged - great job working for a great boss. everything so easy you don't look around and appreciate the simple things in life. life in through my 20s seems invincible.
    35. one child, still married, same home, different job. events in life make you realise that your actions have consequences and that people are dependant on you, that you've had it easy up to now and with help depression is not all debilitating (with help). perhaps the 30s are there to make you.
    42. everything remains the same 7 years on, except with a clear appreciation of the how's & why's of what you're doing and an understanding of what happiness actually is. its almost as if the pain of the 30s was required for an understanding of a place in life.
  14. 7 - Barnes School, did pretty well.
    14 - Bede School, doing OK at the time
    21 - Wearside college doing BTEC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Girlfriend, going out, getting hammered at Ku club, routine mischief.
    28 - Now in Swindon working as a Telecomms engineer, smoking too much
    35 - Still living in Swindon, but working for a different company and had bought a house. Given up on taking things, but starting to get into Whisky.
    42 - Now living in High Wycombe with the Mrs and working for another different firm.
    49 - Still same house and Company, trying to get my head around the new technology, which is becoming more difficult. Now into Gin as well, which I couldn't stand earlier.
    56 - Next year!
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  15. HerdnMulhall

    HerdnMulhall Central Defender

    I've been known to drink in Harwell. Very pretty village when the cherry blossom was out. Wonder if you knew the Hogans, Greasy Mick, Ken from the Crispin or Norma...?
    Harwell's gone back in the last 20 years imho, from being a lovely little village it's just a rat run now, although Didcot has improved, especially your old school St Birinus.
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  16. SydneyFan

    SydneyFan Winger

    7 - Started life at East Stanley Juniors under the sadistic watch of Mr McVeigher. The bloke would have been jailed today. Breezed through primary school thinking it was all a piece of piss.
    14- Stanley Comprehensive. Got my first computer and became instantly fat due to inactivity. Didn't particularly like school and thought all my worries were over when I left at 16.
    21-Working as an apprentice floorlayer not by choice but by necessity. Turns out I loved it and it set me up for a great life. Approaching my peak on the football field. I'd shot up in height and shed the weight. Happy days. On the piss 5-6 days a week, birds, lads holidays, fantastic times.
    28- living in Sydney for 5 years having an absolute ball. Playing football and cricket out here. BBQs beaches Barrier Reefs and unfortunately met the first wife to curtail a lot of that.
    35- Wound down the career on the football field and bought a couple of apartments. The last one was a pearler in a top suburb with 180 degree waterviews. I used to watch the Sydney to Hobart race every year as they left the harbour. Biggest regret of my time here letting that place go.
    42- Married -Bought house - Divorced - Sold House - Re-married - Daughter - Bought house.
    48 - Living in Sydney's eastern suburbs still, where I've been for most of my life now. Working in the office side of flooring. Turned out that laying vinyl floors in Australia was a highly sought after and lucrative occupation that I fell into by pure chance. 7 year old daughter that is my world. Currently learning Greek and we goto Cyprus every couple of years (I married into an Australian Cypriot family).
    Still loving life here and this is where I'll stay now. Left the UK when I was 23 and I've spent 25years in Australia. Dual Citizen but I'll always class myself as English.
  17. Unbelievable I know all of these people :)
    Certainly not the lovely village it was. Almost a suburb of Didcot and all of the places I knew as a kid have gone.
    As said a nice place growing up.
    Where were you from?
    As for the Hogans should have been rounded up and shot :)
    The off spring are already in jail.......
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  18. njmackem

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    7 - On my 7th birthday I moved from Roker to Fencehouses. Hated it at first.
    14 - 1989 and the UK is under the spell of Stock Aiken and Watermann - I'm in love with Kylie Minogue (and still am to be honest)
    21 - It's 1996 and England is all about the Euro's and that song. I've just broken up with the mother of my daughter so the Euro's come as a welcome distraction.
    28 - 2003 and I am married having moved to the US a couple of years earlier. Jungle Fever is in full effect.
    35 - It's 2010 and after the ex-wife fucked with my immigration status I am back in the UK for a couple of years. Miserable as fuck, deeply depressed and borderline suicidal. Fortunately things start to look up when I get a job with a little marketing company in Newcastle
    42 - 2017 and life is good. I've quit the corporate world to become a full time Realtor working the luxury NJ markets and made the switch to RE/MAX, I see my son almost every day despite the ill shit my ex-wife did and I am once again happily married. Looking forward to seeing where I am in 2024
  19. HerdnMulhall

    HerdnMulhall Central Defender

    I'm from Sunderland originally.
    'Ha the Hogans,' or rather 'Oh shit the Hogans.'
    For the benefit of others, maybe 35 years ago some do-gooder housing officer hoiked a real problem family out of Oxford to a quiet very pretty, little, Oxfordshire village. Give them a fresh start the reasoning was, or so I believe. These just weren't feral these were really vicious bad boys. And they spawned. Absolute mayhem ensued. Not so much 'We don't call the Police in Hendon' as 'You don't call the Police in Harwell.'
    Know of one fella who took a stand and took them to court. Day before the court case they went round his house and gave him such a hiding he wouldn't testify once he got out of hospital. He wasn't the only one.
    I spent a few years there, the work I did meant moving around from one big site to another and as it has such incredible transport links to London and the Home Counties that it made sense at the time.

    And Ken was a legend of a landlord. Had some great nights in The Crispin. A sign above the bar 'Ask our barmaids about their jugs.'
    Ah well, you go well fella.
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  20. The Crispin was my local
    Fair deal Ken.....:)
    You must know a few people I knew. Ken once managed the pub team.
    We had a few decent players but we were always pissed from the night before. Some real characters used to get in there. Ken now drives taxis.
    Went back to the village the other Bank Holiday and met up with a few old mates. Not long before the stories flow. I used to get away with everything as I had an alibi and always looked innocent:) .... Chris Lay (Miguel) not in a good way. Was in the back of an ambulance and fell out and got hit my another’s Harwell......just keeps making you laugh :lol:
    As for the old pavilion getting burnt down......;);):lol:
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