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Discussion in 'Gold' started by RestlessNatives, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. humbug

    humbug Striker

    always liked driving, whether it be in the car/motorbike or the wagon.
    i've never had ambition to do anything other than earn an honest living and found a job i enjoy with an easy way to pay the bills.
    i think the secret of being a content wagon driver is to just plod on and not fly about. much more relaxing and you don't save that much time anyway.
  2. I think that could be said for all driving tbh. Once you realise all that tension building up trying to get from A to B as fast as you can shaves a couple of minutes at most off your journey time and you need 5 times as long to unwind from the journey, you realise just enjoying the trip, the surroundings and the company, if there is any, is by far the best way to go.
  3. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    What a fab thread

    7 - At St Joseph’s Primary School in Washington, lots of friends pretty reasonable academically but never going to be the cleverest in the class.

    14 - At St Roberts, being a bit of an overall t**t really. But loving school and making friends for life.

    21 - Having left Poly at 20 without finishing my degree I was working in pubs and signing on, before getting a job at Geordie Jeans in Newcastle. I’d also met my first husband.

    28 - I was working at the Civil Service, me and first husband were divorced (or at least separated) living with someone and was doing a degree part-time which took 5 years.

    35 - single and loving it, had completed my DIPSW/MA at Durham University and was working as a Social Worker.

    42 - My life changed forever when I lost me sister and niece in the August/October respectively.

    49 - Had met and married someone, after years of being happily single.

    56 - not quite 56 until December this year, now separated from the person I was married to at 49, turned out to be not quite what he said on the tin, loving being single again. Only working 3 days a week which I love, financially comfortable for probably the first time in my life.
  4. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    You're still a young 'un yet, Janey :D
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  5. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Just a bairn man :lol::lol:
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  6. Beery

    Beery Striker

    7 - living in Motherwell with Mum and already on 2nd dad. Hate Catholics
    14 - Living in England with mum and 3th Dad. He's a catholic and I now support Celtic. Been in school punk band for 1 year
    21 - Band had a record out and then disbanded. Am no longer a Punk. Living in digs in Bristol doing shit manual jobs. Mum has moved to Wales with dad no4
    28 - Manager in office job for subsidiary of Post office. Have my own small house and just started to see future Mrs Beery
    35 - Married to Mrs Beery,youngest person in post office to get to a certain level, moved to Sunderland to setup and run a call centre at Doxy Park (SSL). First son made in Sunderland but born in Bristol where we returned to as I moved to Cap Gemini. First job was back in Doxy park closing/move one2one call centre. 2nd Son born. Left Cap to go contracting
    42 - Working all over Europe, long spells in Germany, Poland and CZ. Sent Flicky to about 30 countries - probably responsible for his later heart attack :)
    49 - Still contracting working away constantly inc 2 stab-free years in central London - making up for it with decent holidays
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  7. Aldhun

    Aldhun Midfield

    7 Easington Lane Secondary Modern School
    14 Houghton Grammar School; Queen's Scout
    21 Chemistry Undergraduate in the Midlands
    28 Phd Scientist with ICI In Cheshire; Married
    35 Two children; moved back to the North East for a couple of years
    42 Managing a large R&D Group in the South East
    49 Running a Company in the South East after my first main Board position with a plc
    56 Divorced; Managing a European Innovation Group for a large US Corporate
    63 Working as a Contractor to a Government Quango via my own Company; bought 3rd Motorbike
    70 Still working but jacked in my Company and accepted a job offer; first Grandchild and bought an Aston Martin DB9 Volante

    Still working full-time at 72 with 3 large Honda Motorcycles and the DB9 - 70 really is the new 40...
  8. Horley Chorley

    Horley Chorley Striker

    Respect to you Aldhun. *Doff's cap*
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  9. Beery

    Beery Striker

    well played sir
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  10. daventry cat

    daventry cat Striker

    admire your style there Aldhun:cool:
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  11. Easington Lane Secondary Modern? Was that in the building in the High Street with the clock? I remember it had been a school at some stage.
  12. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

    Do I know yer mam?
  13. Goat Eyes

    Goat Eyes Striker

    Other login @girojim
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  14. Lewberry pie

    Lewberry pie Striker

    Sounds good mate.
  15. You’re one of the few that doesn’t if not.

    Soz @Beery ;)
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  16. Old Prestonian

    Old Prestonian Striker

    It's always enjoyable to set up a tap in.
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  17. Jarra Dicka

    Jarra Dicka Winger

    7, infant school. cant remember too much about it.
    14,comp. hated it. 2 teachers really tried to help me but i didnt respond and ended up getting expelled the following year. Parents very dissapointed. Got in with a bad bunch and was a regular at the match causing bother mainly at away games. The Police were regular visitors to our house
    21, Got a lass pregnant but she lost the child and we split up shortly after. Wherever you are Carole I hope you are happy. Had a few jobs and worked all over the country but couldnt settle in any.. at the end of the year I met the girl who would become my wife
    28, Been married 3 years and got one Daughter. Got stabbed in So Shields working on the door of a bar. That was to change my life and I vowed that I had to change. Seeing my wife and child crying at my bed side as they think Iam about to die is a bit of a wake up call if ever you need it.
    35, 2 Daughters...had our 1st real family holiday. It was only Norfolk but it was great. I had a Rover and I was now officially boring.
    42,Great job, was made a senior team leader in the debt recovery section. Quite stressful but I coped really well with it...others didnt. Dealt with some seriously iffy people but some of them remain friends today. I loved that job.
    Mrs had a really bad health scare but we got through it.
    Daughter No 1 was a pain in the arse and was in trouble with the Police...wonder where she got it from.
    49,FFS ...Now a Grandad of 2 haha. Daughter has settled down. unfortunately her ex partner hasnt and he turned up one day threatening us all and his own kids. Cant go into the finer points but I received a "suspended" sentence for my actions that day...disgraceful for a Grandad really haha....even the Judge laughed.
    56. Iam cheating a little bit because Iam not 56 till November but WTF.....pearl wedding this july...aye thats 30 years. got my best mate in my 4 great grandkids and 2 great Daughters who are my mates . We go out quite a bit as a family and have some great times....we like to enjoy ourselves
    Iam so proud of my 2 girls because they work damn hard for what they have.
    Will I be here at 63...I hope so coz thats the year I was born.
  18. Aldhun

    Aldhun Midfield

    No, the School was at the top of the hill on the right hand side of the road, now a housing estate
  19. Ah I know the one, up before the farm opposite the Catholic Church, thought that was just a juniors & infants?
  20. Aldhun

    Aldhun Midfield

    Infants, Juniors and Seniors back in the day. I was in both infants and Juniors, then Houghton Grammar after the 11 plus.
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