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  1. What did we used to call those black shoes you wore to do PE in at school?

    The Midlands Inlaws called them daps or plimsolls. The Sheffield in laws called them pumps.

    I remember them called summat else but can’t remwmber.
  2. Barnacle Boy

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  3. Medulla

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    Plimsoles in Easington like
  4. Borstal Breakouts?
  5. Gym shoes, plimsoles or sand shoes.
  6. Sandshoes
  7. Sanshoos (sand shoes) I think .
  8. luvulongtime

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  9. Because I Can

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    Sanshoes / sandshoes?
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  10. PTR

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  11. This or Borstal Breakouts.
  12. Dagzd1973

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    PE kit, or plimsolls.
  13. Nookie Bear

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    Sand shoes
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  14. Fred Army

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    All of these
  15. iansun

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    Sand shoes
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  16. Brexit

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  17. Le Chuck

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    Sand shoes
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  18. I think some kids called them bumpers or that may have been from Sesame Street or such like.
  19. Thank you Epps, that was it. :D
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  20. dangermows

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