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Not only are they very expensive. They are also relatively small compared to some houses on South Bents. You can buy a 6 bed home on South Bents for about 50k less than the tiny Miller Homes box houses.
They are hardley box houses Matty lad but I see your point.
No one seems bothered by it now.
Because it’s not really an issue. To be honest I’d like to see the water board shut all the overflows during the next storm to see what their reactions would be to rivers of shit flowing through the streets. I’ve responded to floods where they don’t have the luxury to dump it and it ain’t pretty.


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Always going to pay a bit more on a new one, South Bents looks run down and like a council estate.
So you fancy living in an overpriced estate next to that run down council estate?
would rather pay the 50k more than chance ending up next door to some of the bellends who live there
Even living in the Miller Homes estate you will still be surrounded by them....
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Hasn't our glorious council leader, G. M. got something to do with the housing company involved in the New builds at South Bents?? Or am meringue?