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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wayne The Punk, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Hammer

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    Was trying to think of the name of Mount Gay. The XO looks good enough to drink neat but the bog standard one is a good option with coke or ginger ale.
  2. I cannot recommend Ron Barceló Imperial highly enough. I was given a bottle for Christmas last year by my BiL and I'd finished it before my holidays had finished. So he gave me another one to take home with me. :D

    Straight, no ice, and it is smooth as hell.

    Agree with that sentiment. Like when I see people putting single malt whisky into cocktails. The overwhelming taste will come from the other ingredients, so why overspend on the spirit?

    With gin it is more understandeable as gin cocktails are usually a bit more subtle than just drowing it with Coca-Cola, so it makes more of a difference.
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  3. Hammer

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    Not to mention that even expensive gins tend to be quite unpleasant to drink neat.
  4. PTR

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    I do get it - we'll probably have some neat / with a touch of ice, and some with coke - we like it quite strong even with coke though.

    She wants to try some different rums, and I can't think of owt to buy her for her birthday AND Xmas 3 days fucking later - so 3 bottles of £30 rum & half of the problem is gone! :lol:

    So these 3: Unless anyone thinks I've got one wrong?
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  5. I'm not particularly protective about rum like I am about whisky, so if mixing a 30 quid rum with coke keeps your missus happy, then by all means fire away. :D
  6. Mackem Al

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    Captain Morgans with Pepsi Ginger, a dash of lime cordial and a few ice cubes. Lovely.
  7. PTR

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    If anyone tried to put coffee in my single malt, is kick them out of my house lol

    Should I be looking to get 3 bottles at about £20 instead, if that's more sensible?
  8. I’d definitely get at least one or two of the 3 in the list so you can enjoy it neat. Then maybe one a bit less for mixing.
  9. PTR

    PTR Striker

    Swap the XO for the black barrel?

    I know its cheap, but its absolutely rank stuff. I can't stand it. I buy supermarket own brand over it.
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  10. Old Prestonian

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  11. PTR

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  12. Funnily enough was just about to post as I bought a bottle at the weekend and am currently working my way through it neat. Very nice.
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  13. Suomifinland

    Suomifinland Full Back

    Look up Dark Matter spiced rum. I had a bottle & its not for everyone but I really rated it. Really heavily spiced, almost chilli rum but worth a look if you want owt unusual.
  14. RichD

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    Woods 100%
  15. Sneech

    Sneech Striker

    Just bought some mount gay, appleton and S Club 7 or summat
  16. dom

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  17. Old Prestonian

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    I've decided to have a little slurp of Havana 7 in tribute to this thread.
  18. Sykes The Pop Man

    Sykes The Pop Man Central Defender

    When Sailor Jerries changed the recipe 6 or 7 years ago I bought the last of the old stock from Rehills. The original stuff with the lovely lovely vanilla flavour. Still got a few litres. Make a good xmas present. PM me if you want to make me an offer for a bottle.
  19. Skandhaless

    Skandhaless Striker

    Might join you

    They will be fine but I wouldn't miss the diplomatico

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