Recommend me a funny film.

Discussion in 'Gold' started by The Big JC, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Fun fact: If you google funny film steve Gutenberg, this thread is the second search result out of the whole Internet :-D
  2. its funny because its true :-D
  3. Perhaps if you spelt it right then?
  4. Hey, let's not lose our sense of proportion here. We may have spelt his name wrong but so called comprehensive film resource the IMDB doesn't list a single one of the hundreds of his films we've listed here. So who's inaccurate now?
  5. Jamie lee curtis?????

  6. Tbf I meant a young Jamie Lee Curtis ;)
  7. City of Gold

    Welcome to the world's most notorious slum; Wheatley Hills "City of Gold". A place where combat photographers and most other human beings fear to tread, where police rarely go, and residents are lucky if they attain an IQ of 20. This is the true story of a young man (Steve Guttenburg) who grew up on these streets and whose ambition was to turn this thread fucking GOLD
  8. Rimario

    Rimario Winger

    Just saw Yes Man with Jim Carey. Very funny I think... a small sample;

  9. :lol: :lol:

    fucking hell
  10. Sneech

    Sneech Striker

    Anar, Carey a pale imitation of the mighty Guttenberg.
  11. Ah well, that's alright then.

  12. Beery

    Beery Striker


    "Steve Guttenberg, dead ahead"
  13. bongo

    bongo Guest

    Watched a few Cheech and Chong films earlier,Up In Smoke and Still Smokin are still great films.
  14. Beery

    Beery Striker

    Didn't Steve Guttenberg play both roles?
  15. Archer

    Archer Guest

    Gutterball: A True Underdog Story
    Steve Guttenberg take us up ten pin bowling but struggles to keep the ball in the lane, hilarity ensues.

    Starring Steve Guttenberg as Steve Guttenberg.
  16. PhwoarGames

    A young computer enthusiast is far too busy looking at porn to get any ideas about hacking the Pentagon. Starring Steve Gutenberg. Rated 15: contains frequent wanking.
  17. Easy Peasy Rider

    A moped rider wishes he bought a more robust cycle when he crashes his scooter into HellsBells and fucking breaks it.

    Starring Steve Guttenberg as the motorcyclist and Stevie Wonder as HellsBells.
  18. garydon

    garydon Guest

    Is this not gerld yet ?
  19. :lol:
  20. Kent_Mackem

    Kent_Mackem Striker

    Blazing Saddles
    Police Academy
    Cannonball Run
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