Putting your toaster away when not using it

Weird one this...

I’ve gone through life believing everyone just leaves their toaster out on the kitchen work surfaces at all times.

Over the last few days I’ve found out that two people put theirs away when they’re finished using it.

Are these people just freaks or does anyone else do this?


Was given one about 8 years ago as a moving in present for our first house. It still works so there is no point in replacing it, but it does not go with the rest of the kitchen anymore, so it only comes out when it's used, which is pretty rare.


Can understand it in some cases if your worktop space is very limited
So you put your toaster away? :lol:
The reason Epps said. Not like I use it 4 times a day ffs. :lol:

Some because they are bloody tidy freaks. Ours gets used most days so couldn't be arsed with the faff
It takes less that 5 seconds man. :lol:

Exactly. Where does it stop? Hoying the microwave in the back of the cupboard when you're done?
Mine's in a cupboard like.

The Truth

I leave mine out but the folks put theirs away, tbf theirs takes up a canny bit of space with the size of it so i think that's why