Prague trip with the Mrs


Been a coiuple of times, the last time being last year and went with a Jet2 holiday to here Jalta Boutique Hotel - Prague City hotels | Jet2holidays
Can highly recommend it, right on Wenceslas Square so great to sit outside having breakfast or whatever and watch the world go by. Then a slow meander down through the streets and near enough to tram stops if you want to take these to the further away places such as the Jewish quarter or castle. Other than that we just ambled around and plenty of little places to eat that are spot on and not too expensive.
We booked our taxi's via the hotel which were a set price and all arranged for us so no problems there.


Magic Fountain was class when we went!

EDIT: Turns out that was actually in Barcelona, there is one in Prague but it's closed. I have been of absolutely no help here.
Went with my ex about 20 years ago. Great City, loads to see, especially the birds.
Couple of tips:
  • Don't get a taxi, they are robbing gits. I was just staying about 2km from the centre and we got a taxi from Wenceslas square to the hotel, except this tosser decided to drive around the outskirts of the city, as I watched the meter go past 60euros...cost us nearly 80 in the end. Big bugger mind, didn't argue.
  • Pickpockets are everywhere, the city is well known for it especially on the trams and outdoor restaurants.
  • Beer - Even 20 years ago it was £3 a pint in the main square, but walk a little bit and there are plenty of little cafes and bars that charged 9p for a decent bottle of beer. The tiny café by the foot of old quarter stairs up to the castle.
  • Walk/bike - it's easily do-able as the City isn't huge and bike hire just cannot be expensive, probably a good idea if you want to shed a few pounds or sweat off that beer, cos it's absolutely friggin baking out there, not right now, obviously.
As regards taxis, ask for a price before you even get in the car or you WILL be ripped off. Ask at your hotel reception what a reasonable fare from the centre to your hotel and tell any driver who tries it on to feck off.