Pete Shelley Dead.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wilfy, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Sitting here quite devastated - glad we saw them in the summer, always seemed to be so disinterested in what he was doing which allowed Diggle to entertain. They were different but like a lot of the early bands they had something else to offer. I wonder if the Manchester scene would have happened if it hadn't been for the Buzzcocks.

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    Like the Damned they didn't go down the angry kids route of punk
    Totally English songwriting genius for any era
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    Just found out..gutted.

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  4. I swapped my copy of Everybody’s Happy Nowadays for my mate’s Kodak Instamatic camera.

    RIP Pete. I was always convinced he was shagging someone at the BBC as they were never off Top of the Pops back in the day.
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    We had a laugh at Kubix as to how much he looked like Johnny Vegas. Thanks for a great day out and RIP Pete.
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    rip mate tawtlot including the ones he shouldn't have fallen in love with mate. cracking songwriter. manchester's lost a couple of goodns this year in him and mes there.
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    My favourite amongst the perfection.
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    Hadn't aged well though had he. Diggle still looks like a rock star, but PS looks like on of yer da's workmates. Still, it is what it is.
    Sitting here gutted at 01:16 watching old clips
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    Never saw them live, but on all the interviews / documentaries he appeared in seemed a very likeable bloke and song writer to some of the most important music of the 80/90s. RIP

    Great film, buzzcocks paved the way for joy division/new order etc and a huge influence on music for the next 20 years
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    First song I thought of. Played relentlessly during my days frequenting Ku Club.

    Gutted for you matey I knew you were a big fan
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    Ah well. Glad I got to see them 4/5 times. Weren’t one of my favourite bands of that era even, but always a place for a bit of Buzzcocks. RIP
  13. You could probably make a case that Manchester may not have been regenerated the way it was ( and certainly as soon as it was ) without their influence. I can just hear Tony Wilson making that correlation and telling anyone who would listen how it was a fact.

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    Now that is a pop song!
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    I think that gig at the Lesser free trade hall cannot be underestimated - obviously not suggesting that Shelley and Devoto wanted anything more than to put a band on but those in the crowd went on to lay the foundations for PUNK outside of London, the indie scene, the Hacienda and eventually the Madchester scene.
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  16. Saw them support the Roses at the Etihad a few years ago. Only know the handful of hits, good tunes.

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    think i will have love bites on the turntable today RIP
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    Saw them at the Manor Quay (or whatever it's called these days) a few year ago - good turn. Sad loss - 63's nee age these days.


    My mate's brother's band supported them back in the day. Me mate met Pete a few years ago and mentioned the fact. Pete asked what they were called. "The Carpettes" (pronounced like Laundrette). Pete replies rather camply, "ooooo the Carpettes, are they like pets for ya car?" :lol: :lol:
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    Absolutely agree with that - without Shelley and Devoto, punk could have possibly never made it past Watford and could have been quickly forgotten
    To me they were the disciples who took punk to all of us and as such, responsible for most of my favourite music.
    His contribution to music and the rebirth of Manchester as a city can never be understated
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