Pete Shelley Dead.

Discussion in 'SMB' started by Wilfy, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. El Matador

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    Just seen this news. :cry: R.I.P.
    The Buzzcocks were a large part of my yoof. Another Music in a Different Kitchen is one of the best albums of all time.
  2. Buzzcock

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    To us of a certain age this music was ( this gonna sound so shit ) life changing . This was our music , our rock n roll, our scene. Buzzcocks were up there with the greatest bands of our time and I'll be ever grateful to Pete Shelley and his ilk for giving this to us .
  3. Parkmaverick

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    Saw them at Newcastle Uni just after Joe Strummer died and they dedicated Autonomy to him as his favourite song then did a version of White Riot :(:(
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  4. Wild Card

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    One of my favourites from pete shelly that, along with what do i get from the buzzcocks.
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  5. Parkmaverick

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    Its a habit that sticks
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  6. Buzzcock

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    Aye but I've tried it more than once . :oops:
  7. EDGE

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    Autonomy or Lipstick.
  8. According to this (Tony Wilson in 24 hour party people) Shelley and devoto organised the 1976 sex pistols gig in Manchester.

    42 people watching .... some great bands.

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  9. c032745y

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    Saw them live a few times, supported by Joy Division on one occasion & others. I had to edit my original post as I typed "Pete Shelley introduced me to Penetration" which just reads wrong:eek:
    Penetrations version of Nostalgia would be my Desert Island Disc, a perfectly written pop song performed brilliantly
  10. Parkmaverick

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  11. ajsafc

    ajsafc Midfield

    A big shock that. RIP.
  12. Sam Handwich

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    Im sure ive still got the carrier bag it came in somewhere
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  13. Buzzcock

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    Aye the silver one . :lol:
    Lent mine out and never got it back. Bought a copy on Orange vinyl a couple of years back. Nee carrier bag though.
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  14. Mak70

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    Gutted by this. Another great gone. RIP Pete.

    Saw them at Reading 1990. Singles Going Steady has to be one of the finest collections ever put together.
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  15. riffraff

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    1/ Nostalgia
    2/ Ever Fallen In Love
    3/ Sixteen Again
    4/ The Light Pours Out Of Me
    5/ I Don’t Mind
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  16. c032745y

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    Doesn't get any better...
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  17. Sneech

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    RIP Pete you were fucking brilliant man

    The Buzzcocks were right at the vanguard of new music back in the day, and they took punk in a different direction to the other bands on the scene. Unsung heroes in my eyes, and they were hugely influential if the massive amount of 'punk pop' bands that have followed, is anything to go by.
  18. Sandman

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    Shocked and sad. RIP
  19. Quench

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    Was lucky enough to see them a couple of times back in the day and still play the first 3 albums on vinyl. My kids both like the homosapien album. Will have a buzzcocks day working at home tomorrow
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  20. Sam Handwich

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    Not wildly wrong. It could have happened
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