Panic buying


Dandelion leaves make a good base for lovely salad Nettles leaves make a great cuppa. Blackberries are almost ready too Just had a bumper harvest of Green and purple gooseberries too. Some good foraging tips on instagram and with rain forecast over the weekend and into next week should kick off the mushrooms season 👍
It’s not panic buying it’s lack of staff off isolating and not enough workers to stock the shelves. Media shouldn’t be suggesting it’s panic buying because more fuckwits will go out and panic buy.
This. I was talking to the driver who delivered my Sainsburys shopping this week and he said the problem isn’t stock, it’s the amount of staff absent through isolation. They don’t have enough delivery drivers or shop workers to get the stock from the warehouse to the shop floor.
It’s pretty bad at the minute like, just about everything I usually get delivered was unavailable.