Olympic failures

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at the minute its like watching scotland, all these brave losing performances

apparently we are nailed on for some rowing gold tomorrow so bring it on


Just what I was thinking. So near yet so far.

However I agree that we massively over achieved in Beijing.

Its a pity we cant get a Tin medal for 5th and 6th. We would have loads more medals.


Time for more toffs to step up to the plate and prove me wrong today. At least the rowers are at their spiritual home of Eton.


The way we surrendered our silver medal to Japan the other day was pathetic.
'Valiant effort' though

Sadly 'valiant effort' is all we can seem to achieve.

Which is something that is not to be tolerated in the USA, Australia or China. Simply putting in a valiant effort is simply not good enough and their athletes would be made to work harder or risk being dropped.
In the case of Japan the athletes are probably made to commit Harakiri for bringing shame upon the great nation of Japan and for losing. That is why the protest. They are saving the lives of their super-human group of champions.


About time the Lottery stopped funding these failures. Every country that hosts the Olyimpics sees the home nations medal tally go up. Not in this country with the lottery funded prima donnas with the cash already banked.

Alright Spug.

What must the world be thinking now!? We have just taken a gold from them and if God is on our side theirs more to come. Utter shock is the first thought. They must be devastated that we have beat them at something! Hahahah. I could see it in the eyes of the Aussies when we saw the girls celebrate. The one in front looked over and was in utter disbelief that we beat them. No doubt the same went for the Kiwis and the Jerries.

I must admit I didn't think we would win at the start as I thought a bolt of lightening was going to come down or we were going to sink as we are not the luckiest nation in the world but we defied all nations to win.

Brilliant stuff!
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