Olympic failures

Discussion in 'Gold' started by consettsafc, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Now that it's over, I'd like to say that it's not like the old days where people had to work bloody hard and we'd think our team getting 3 golds was pretty good. These days, it seems that all that our athletes need to do is turn up and they get a gold. This lowering of standards has meant that the efforts of previous British Olympians will be devalued by this proliferation of medals.

    Clearly, the British Olympic team have stolen the template employed by the education department. I blame Michael Gove for making our past medal heroes seem ordinary.
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  2. Won nowt this morning. consettsafc will be pleased again we are proving him right that we cant win anything!!
  3. Charmless Man

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    Absolutely shocking. Not even a top ten finish so far this morning. Just interviews with athletes who've already won. We need to stop looking backwards.
  4. I can see it being years before Britain wins another Olympic medal
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  5. Davyred

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    We're that shite, no one has turned up this morning - the Great British public have turned their backs on these bunch of losers.
  6. Alf Tupper wasn't sponsored he worked in a scrap yard as a welder and could gan out for a fish and chip supper the night before the Olympic final, do a half shift at work in the morning and still win the gold medal on the afternoon.
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