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Discussion in 'SMB' started by Spennymackem1981, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Best way to carry the dog
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    Leave the tree alone. It was there first.
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    I thought this was going to be about a U2 follow-up album...
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    This is legally the correct answer. Technically the tree is her property but if any part of it is overhanging his property then he has every right to remove that part. However, the removed part is still her property so he must return it to her or its considered theft. He just has to make sure he doesn't remove any part of an overhanging branch which is still on her side of the fence as that is considered criminal damage to her property.
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  6. mart

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    Thought I must’ve been reading it wrong. :lol:
    Has the OP made the whole thing up?
  7. Frijj

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    I reckon he has. Either that or fallen for some clever marketing ploy.

    “This isn’t a mid-terrace, this house is actually at the end of one terrace and the start of another.”
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    In the wonderful world of new house builds I think they probably refer to houses as 'end terrace' even when the next one is only 6 inches away or summat. That's how I read it when I wasn't thinking it sounded like another whopper from the OP.
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    I read it as there are only 3 houses in the terrace - his, one in the middle and another end terrace attached to that.

    Simply climb the tree in Michael Jackson style every evening. When she asks you to get down and stop it copy MJ and simply say in a high-pitched voice "You don't climb trees, you're missing out". She'll end up chopping the entire tree down just to stop your lunatic behaviour.
  11. Spennymackem1981

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    aye there is 3 houses in the terrace hahaha we have one of the end ones and its the last house on the estate so a decent gap to the next one
  12. Chesterladmackem

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    Barratts will do as little as possible.
    Bought 3 storey from them 5 years ago.
    been a horror story...they take your money then ignore you unless you get shouty with them.
    wouldnt touch another Barratts new home.
  13. Dagzd1973

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    If it hangs over your boundary you have a legal right to cut the offending limb. You don't even need to ask.

    Source: I was a landscaper for 4 years.
  14. Beaker

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    Barratt are utter cúnts mind.

    My sister (no) had nowt but bother dealing with them when she bought a new build a few years back.

    She was one of the first to move onto the estate as it was still being built so had one of the first houses as you drive in to look at the show houses, they kept fucking her about so she put a big sign in her garden Len Lowther style telling people not to buy Barratt and why.
  15. Jimmer13

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    Can cut back both limbs and roots that overgrow your property .. Think you have to offer back the bit you trim off, up to them to say no of course but that way you are offering their property back. Might be a bit different for you as tree was there

    before properties were built.......Barrats must be shite, this should have been sorted pre build. Tell them you want a discount for the hassle or compensation - what they going to give you?.
  16. Correct to a certain extent. If you're pruning/cutting back is excessive yet still within the boudary line and causes the tree to die you'll be liable. My advice is appoint a qualified, competent and more importantly insured tree surgeon.
  17. DO NOT buy a terraced fucking town house .You will have a right piss on selling it and the prices stagnate .Same goes for “apartments :rolleyes:“ if anyone else is thinking of buying
  18. Stand outside the neighbour's house and play a Flugel Horn really badly until they agree to cut the tree down.
  19. Spennymackem1981

    Spennymackem1981 Midfield

    dont plan on moving again/selling fact if our lass even suggests it i will kick her straight in the c...unt
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