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    You make it sound like it’s their fault your tv isn’t compatible?

    Shame you don’t have a PlayStation or an Xbox either because they work a treat
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  2. George Kaplan

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    It’s their fault that it’s not made immediately and absolutely clear that some TVs are not compatible even though though the icon appears on the set and they take your money off you and allow you to log on to the system on the TV set that isn’t compatible. Thus making me go around in circles establishing that I have to do something else.

    I realise that this is also an aspect of my ignorance and when I come on here people tell me how easy it is for them and talk technical Swahili at me of which I’m also in ignorance.

    Which is my experience, generally, of technology. Such is life.
  3. MooBaaOink

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    Absolute Bollocks. Fine on Samsung and Panasonic ones here.
  4. George Kaplan

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  5. You can usually get the stick or box for next to nowt on amazon with a pass chucked in.

    You can also use NOWtv on a PlayStation btw.

    Basically what you meant was, the only tv that comes with a NOWtv app is LG. All the others work perfectly well if you get a stick, which you can generally get for pennies anyway. Or every other telly works with a PlayStation, or an Xbox or Apple TV.
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  6. MooBaaOink

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    Isn't true at all though.

    Most Samsung ones have the NowTV App. No additional sticks or boxes required.
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  7. houst69

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    Eh? :lol:
  8. George Kaplan

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    The missus (no) couldn’t buy a NowTV stick or box anywhere today. Sold out. So we borrowed the brother-in-laws until the one we just ordered is delivered.

    I’d have been happy to wait but Mrs Kaplan is surprisingly frantic for her Game of Thrones fix

  9. Dodgy

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    Nee way to talk about yewa lass, like.

    And no pics then, please.
  10. Mike J

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    Don’t get a nowtv box, get a roku for £10 more and you get so much more, so can use all the amazon stuff, Netflix, roku have there own channel, also tv player etc! Much better value.
  11. Lambchops

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    You could have picked an android box or firestick up and watched it for nowt
  12. oROSSo

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    The fucker is down. Shite
  13. George Kaplan

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    Swahili again :)

    But I’ve watched it for nowt anyway.

    And an episode of Tin Star season 2.
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