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  1. George Kaplan

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    For reasons that will be obvious to GoT fans I thought I’d engage with a 7 day free trial and £7.99 a month package from NowTV.

    About an hour of setting up accounts on the telly and tablet followed by NowTV forums and Chatservices ... and going around and around the houses, I discover that the only compatible TV for NowTV is an LG.

    I don’t want to watch telly with Mrs Kaplan (no) on our tiny tablet or a laptop so I now know I have to buy a NowTV stick for £15 so I can get it on my (Sony) telly. I’d have saved myself an hours frustration if I’d know that or the now tv website had been a bit more upfront about the technological restrictions.

    The inclusion of the letters ‘TV’ in the company name is, in my opinion, a trifle misleading.

    This has been a public service announcement. You’re welcome.
  2. Bet you enjoyed the chatservices though...
  3. I use a nowtv box on my Panasonic TV without issue..
  4. StiflerPG

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    NowTV on Philips anarl.
  5. George Kaplan

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    Yep. Purchasing a stick tomorrow.
  6. Kevj

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    Get a meal from Macdonald’s. They have a free month trial for Now TV on their monopoly promo.
  7. everstar

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    Watching Now TV on my Samsung right now..
  8. Slow joe

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    Plus the added bonus of delicious food.
  9. George Kaplan

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    It wouldn’t be worth much to me coz I’d still have to buy a stick to be able to access it: and there’s an offer for 2 months access for about £20 for the stick (normally £15). Thanks though.

    Yeah yeah yeah, Samsung (and Phillips) and LG. Just not MY frigging telly. :)
  10. Snugster

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  11. Forrest Gump

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    I won 5 months hewww
  12. I’ve just changed my broadband from bt to now tv. I’ll let you all know how it goe.........
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  13. Always worth buying the boxes when they have deals on with free passes. I've got a few spare knocking about and just dish them out to mates when they want one. I have it on my telly (LG) but I tend to just use a box. I have the one that you can pause live TV etc not that I ever use the functionality.
  14. Doeboy

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    On quite a few tv’s mind :lol: the box’s are cheap enough and normally come with a few passes if you can’t get an app for yours
  15. Kevj

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    Aye. I’ve got a pig. You’ve got a farm.
  16. Forrest Gump

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  17. silas80

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    Should work on any tv with a HDMI slot. Both mine are Sony and they work fine with the NOW TV boxes or do you mean the app?
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  18. Kevj

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    Twelverife MF.
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  19. Thurston

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    ?? I have Now TV. I beam it on to a Samsung TV with my phone or tablet, using a Chromecast.
  20. If we have any students on here you can get 3 months entertainment pass for £5 (offer is on hotukdeals) :(

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