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Norwich v Sunderland Match Thread

Discussion in 'Pure Football' started by SAFC_ABZ, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. steven

    steven Winger

    Very difficult start to the season & I thought 4 pts from our first three would be a good return. A point or better at Wednesday and I reckon we've had a great start -- Derby, Norwich and Wednesday were 6th, 4th and 5th favourites for promotion before the season began.
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  2. Of course mate, i am not about to lose my perspective on things, but i am just enjoying the moment, for what it is a Sunderland win, and the filth getting beaten on the same day.
  3. SAFCMarc

    SAFCMarc Winger

    We won a game in august. Praise Jesus.

    FLATHEED Midfield

    We're in the play-offs!! Gerrin!!
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  5. Well done to all the lads and the lads following the lads there.

    Fkng Great job.
  6. Julio

    Julio Striker

    Still players to come back from injury in McNair Watmore and Oviedo. Will all bring quality at this level. I think we could also expect to see at least 3 new signings.

    A positive start might change players minds about wanting to come here aswell
  7. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    I've been to too many partys where its started off great and I've been enjoying myself, just before the balloons begin to burst. Ask me again at the end of the season.:)
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  8. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Chuffed to bits for the away fans, as always
  9. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    4 pts better off than the garbage pail kids were at this stage last season
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  10. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    I'll have a glass to toast the lads....:D
  11. The one constant in the (sometimes) shower of shit is that our fans are top top drawer.
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  12. make it 2 or 3 mate, got to give a toast to spurs as well :lol:
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  13. molthemackem

    molthemackem Striker

    Oh I will:D
  14. cluffy

    cluffy Striker

    The Belgian? Aye Dence is a done deal
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  15. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    They are brilliant
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  16. Malloy

    Malloy Central Defender

    Nee 52000 though, that be their retort tonight
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  17. Steesafc

    Steesafc Striker

    Over the moon with that, would have taken a point before kick off
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  18. Lexingtongue

    Lexingtongue Striker

    Take heed of your own advice.
  19. janey

    janey Striker Contributor

    Aye, not sure how many were left at the end, and even the commentator wondered if they'd lost their voices :lol:
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  20. gazc24

    gazc24 Winger

    Hoy, if that means the only days I get pissed are the ones we in and the mags lose am happy to lose a kidney

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