Nissan furloughed again?


True annoyingly I’ve known people to get grants and use them to buy new cars.

One question what has always stumped me is why the police and co use every type of pergeot, Citroen you name it but never stuff like a quashqui or juke of which are made with uk labour? Surely after the transition With Brexit, our public procurement of vehicles for the likes of the police forces should look at this as an opportunity and support manufacturing in this country?
Everyone’s done it,company must owe them money IMO to be able to do it .It’s putting money back into the economy either way.

A good few years ago I worked with a bloke who was a bit careful with money, he asked what I would choose as he had enough money to either block pave his drive or take his Mrs and kids on holiday. I said that's easy as your family wouldn't have great memories of the year you got the drive sorted, whereas on the other hand they'll remember the holiday.
He decided on the drive, two years later his Mrs left him, the drive still looks good though.

Westoe SAFC

12 lads off today in my old rest area, the Track and Trace app tagged them all when 1 was positive.
They’ve been asked to turn the app off at work now 😂😂😂😂


I do,unions a 100 year ago or so did exactly what they where supposed to do.You can’t say that’s the case over the last 50 years.

Iam a gaffer your right,but I’m 43.If I wasn’t the big cheese at this age then something would be a miss Dont you think ?

awful bait that like
vicous rumours flying about the entire place today - dec 05 for four weeks is what I heard today
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