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  1. Morny

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    51 yards

    ooh Seahawks were close as well, unlucky at the end.
  2. Cheesy Feet

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  3. Morny

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    Same here.

    Class video doing the rounds of Bill O'Brien appearing to say, just after the missed FG

    "Good job Vance, you dumb fuck" :lol::lol
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  4. How biased are these refs?

    Whitehead ejected for a simple slap, no grounding call on a blatant throw away with no receiver in the area, then a terrible call giving the Pats a 1st down when it was obviously a running into the kicker 5 yarder.

    The fix is in.

    I hope the rumours that the Browns want McCarthy is true, offence is so unimaginative and basic. Rodgers probably only has 3-4 years left at his prime, give someone else a go.
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  5. HarrogateMackem

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    Hahahaha what a team :cool:
  6. stretch

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    Very beatable in a one off play off though.
  7. sonson

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    Patriots are the only team who can defend and attack at present and the only team who look like they can deal with the offensive advantages of this season on both sides of scrimmage. Infuriatingly.

    All this talk of GOAT quarterbacks is irrelevant really in that the real GOAT is obviously Bellichek. Give Rodgers, Manning, Brees, really any very good QB the insight and team that Bellichek provides and has provided for over a decade now, and they all would have as many rings as Brady.
  8. Johnsafc

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    Got to say some terrible calls against the Packers last night. After all that though they wouldn't have mattered if Aaron Jones didn't fumble the ball when he did. Packers season on the line in the next 2 weeks
  9. sonson

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    Take Rodgers out and they're never a playoff team. Yes Rodgers is that good that he can turn an average team into a good one but one man isn't going to win them anything alone which is where they're at
  10. Morny

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    Tbf the Rams, last night aside, have been pretty good defensively this year and are better in attack than the Pats. Similarly, the Chargers look pretty excellent on both sides of the ball. The Saints also are okay defensively (not as good as the other three admittedly) and superb offensively.

    Not saying the Pats aren't AFC favourites but atm it feels to be like Superbowl will end up being Rams/Saints vs Pats/Chargers.
  11. stretch

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    Don’t rule out Atlanta mate (winkey eye type emoji)
  12. Johnsafc

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    What about KC
  13. Morny

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    I think Falcons are excellent but the sheer volume of their injuries, and the strength of NFC South, makes it very difficult for them. Ryan is on fire though.

    I just cannot shake the feeling they'll get to the postseason and crumble, as they often do. They have a poor defence and I think a smart OC/HC will scheme through it.
  14. That was definitely the turning point. But it didn't have to be, the game was level at that point, 2 trick plays from a creative offence later and it was over.

    I think the Packers actually are talented enough around Rodgers for once to win a super bowl, but they need to be more aggressive on offence.
  15. Durhamish

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    I still think my outside bet of the Vikings could still do it

    With Cousins still adjusting and the return of Cook I think they have a chance.

    The NFC North is piss. I’m a packers fan and we are miles from the Vikings
  16. Raich Carter

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    In the blep league, we the fuck asked me to trade gurley for gost? :lol: :lol:
  17. Johnsafc

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    Not seen that Simpsons episode where Marge drafts all kickers & there's a freak wind that makes her a genius. Could be you mate. Just lead the way
  18. WCC

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    Saints signed Dez Bryant.
  19. ChrisAshley

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    Any need in our schedule? Panthers, Saints, Patriots, Chargers, Jags, away to Broncos, If we get to the play offs we've done well.
  20. Should beat Jags and Broncos the way they're playing mind. Tonight should be a good game, 2 of the form teams. I'm on Steelers to win and more than 51 points in the game.
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