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  1. Raich Carter

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    If I lose it's on you :evil:
  2. Johnsafc

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    Correct in both senses as I believe you play me last matchup
  3. chr1s1973

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    He said a few things recently to reinforce he wasn't happy with the play calling,so it's starting to look that way.

    Hopefully, he hasn't looked right all season,seems to always want to pull rabits out of hats,rather than simple movement forward. Protection hasn't seemed great mind,so hopefully they can organise that better.
  4. sonson

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    Must have been incredibly frustrating for AR to see the revolution in offensive football this season and the way his contemporaries have been freed up to play an agressive and expansive QB playbook while he has been kept on a leash
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  5. rugga

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    Another broken leg for a skins QB. I guess I can finally say my teams season is over, it’s been building up to that for a while now. Hopefully we will get shot of Gruden now.
  6. Packers LB coach tweeted this yesterday, and has now been fired. Add him to the list of people like Jennings and Finley calling out Rodgers' leadership. New head coach is gonna have to have Rodgers' respect.

    Winston Moss on Twitter
  7. rugga

    rugga Midfield

    Well that's certainly a quick way to get fired, but from an outsiders perspective is it a good thing the QB having too much power?
  8. Aye, he was probably gone once the restructure happened anyway.

    All great QBs have all the power, but they should at least respect the coaches. Former Centre Jeff Saturday said yesterday that Rodgers used to "roll his eyes" in the huddle at some of the playcalls he was receiving. Saturday played about 5 years ago so it's clearly gone on a while.
  9. RokerLegend

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    Hard to imagine Brady going on like that with Belichek and bar the last couple of years the Packers have always been in the mix so Mcarthys play calling hasn’t been all that bad.

    On that twitter link someone is saying Josh McDaniels is favourite to take over. He has previous for fighting with QBs so would be a interesting picks
  10. rugga

    rugga Midfield

    Yeah I agree, respect has to go both ways or the relationship breaks down. It's ok when a teams winning games but when the losses start to mount up thats when the problem starts. Rumours stateside say Josh Mcdaniels is in the frame for the job.
  11. Josh McDaniels backed out of the Colts job at the last minute not long back, would expect he's been promised the Pats job is his after Belichick retires/leaves. On top of that he didn't do much in Denver, maybe being an OC suits him more?

    Think it'll be a coach currently in the NFL but I'd be tempted to see if Jim Harbaugh has any interest in leaving Michigan.
  12. RokerLegend

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    I wanted Harbaugh at the Bears when we sacked Fox. Apparantly though he gets paid more at Michigan then any NFL coach. Not sure if that’s true or if it has something to do with the length of his deal but shows how mad the college game is over there
  13. I can believe it. Plus with Urban Meyer leaving Ohio State, Michigan might have a slightly easier run in the next couple of years.
  14. Qualcast Mutilator

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    No big surprise. Winston Moss was McCarthy's mate, been with him since his days at the Saints.

    According to the story I read it was Joe Philbin's decision to relieve Moss of his duties.

    Writing has been on the wall for McCarthy since the 2014 NFC Championship game. The offence has really been misfiring ever since then. And of course not helped by Ted Thompson with his last three dreadful drafts. (I still find it hard to believe TJ Watt was still on the board and they traded down and let the Steelers get him).

    Whoever comes in has a lot of picks, and will no doubt be drafting top 10 anyway with what will probably end up a 6-9-1 season (maybe 7-8-1, just can't see us beating those damn Bears at Soldier Field).

    I like the shout of Jim Harbaugh if he fancies it. Quite pleased Bruce Arians has ruled himself out. Still insisting the only team he wants to coach are the Browns.., Can't see that one either. I think Mike McCarthy ends up in Cleveland and finally stabilises the franchise...
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  15. ChrisAshley

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    'Hearing from several different people over last few days that Alex Smith is having devastating complications from his broken leg surgery battling infection. Supposedly he's had multiple surgeries to try to combat infection. Chances of him playing again in real jeaopardy.'

    Doesn't sound good for Alex Smith.
  16. rugga

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    Fingers crossed he makes a good recovery but the signs aren't that good, it did seem strange that since he broke his leg the Redskins media had not mentioned anything about him at all (he isn't on social media either so it was silence all round). They have now released a statement asking to give him and his family privacy.
  17. RokerLegend

    RokerLegend Striker

    Terrible news that like if it’s true.
  18. Derrick Henry with 47.8 points in fantasy last night, sitting on my bench. Ideal.
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  19. Johnsafc

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    Kelvin Benjiman landing on his feet in Kansas City.

    Bad that. Lucky his contract will be guarenteed
  20. Chappers

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    Massive game for dolphins v pats

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