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New Chinese Restaurant in Newbottle

Discussion in 'SMB' started by DJP, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. DJP

    DJP Winger

    I see the old Jolly Potter pub in Newbottle is going to re-open soon as the "Dragon Inn" Chinese restaurant. It looks like the new owners have spent a bit of time and dosh redoing the whole interior.

    Anyone heard of an opening date for this place as I might give it a try?
  2. muggboots

    muggboots Striker

    pleased to see they've named the place after the old door policy.
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  3. Hope its nice as I haven't found one yet
  4. jubblies

    jubblies Striker

    Wheeeeeyyyy :lol:
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  5. taff

    taff Midfield

    The takeaway is open now, they were putting the restaurant seats in on Sunday so it can't be far off
  6. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Loads of complaints about the place on Facebook, I haven't tried it yet.
  7. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Hold On - The Potters has closed down?!?! when did this happen like?

    So whats left in Newbottle now as a drinking establishment? Just the Club?
  8. Got to be better than Naz in Fencehouses.

    We were served raw chicken. Pointed out the chicken was raw and were told it was meant to be like that. Told the waiter that it wasn't, they then said the chef was new.

    Any chef no matter how new should know chicken needs to be cooked.

    That was Naz not the Drag'em Inn.
  9. DJP

    DJP Winger

    Yeah, I noticed a few too. Hopefully just teething troubles.
  10. There's nothing 'just' about Newbottle Club... New snooker table and american pool yer kna!
  11. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    gerraway - you'll be telling me that its had a lick of paint next
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  12. Painted??? And redesigned mate, bar and lounge have swapped!
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  13. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    The Sun Inn.
    That confused me last time I went in!
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  14. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Thought The Sun Inn was an Italian now?
  15. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    Half of it is, the same part that did food before. It's still a proper pub on the pub side.
  16. Lambchops

    Lambchops Striker

    Gotcha now - was never a good bar anyway
  17. chriswallace85

    chriswallace85 Striker

    Didn't kna this...

    Been in the bar a few times recently - nice. Pool table in there's spot on. Much better now the karaoke's not in that end anarl.

    Fuckin' expensivo though. Must be 'cos there a few nice houses round the corner. :rolleyes:
    She's not a massive lads neither. In fact she's a fuckin' mag.
    :lol: It's canny smart now like. For a club.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2014
  18. Libertine

    Libertine Midfield

    When you think about it, Newbottle done well to sustain 3 pubs and a club all within spitting distance for as long as they did. Not a massive catchment area either.
  19. AndrewP

    AndrewP Striker

    It's not too bad. About 3 quid apint
    It does well to maintain 2 Italians too
  20. Langleyparkmackem

    Langleyparkmackem Full Back

    Thought I would share a review of this place after my experience tonight.

    I had House special Crispy noodles and the wife and sister in law (no) had chow mein.

    Within 5 mins of starting, the sister in law and me had a massive allergic reaction.

    After speaking to them it appears we had a reaction to MSG which they put in. Dont have it on the menu as being in the food but if you dont want it you have to ask.

    Apart from that like it was lush.
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