New Avengers trailer released

Discussion in 'SMB' started by West_Winger, Mar 14, 2019.

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  2. Its probably more that you just 'decided' to automatically insult a bunch of strangers for liking something you didnt that gets peoples heckles up.

    FWIW There two things from the first film i think point at how this one turns out, strange giving thanos the timestone knowing the many possible futures. also the click itself, its first mentioned by gamora as a demonstration of how powerful thanos could become, its never mentioned to thanos that shes used this description then he uses it himself after sacrificing her to get the soulstone, he doesnt need to click his fingers to end the world, gamora is somehow still influencing him, hence her turning up as a child at the end.
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    The first point I think he gave him the stone as it was the only way out of the 14,000,605 predictions where they win.

    The second point I think is that she’s trapped inside the soul stone and as a result when he’s seen talking to her at the end they’re communicating via the stone.
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    preferred Purdy myself...[​IMG]
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    Fingers crossed

    Oh fucking hell
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    Idris Elba playing Steed I heard
  7. @The Voice Of Reason

    Is this shit stirring spoiling threads?

    I’ve been told off for this that’s all
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    You do realise your post is shit stirring right?
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    Edit: I fucked that up, didn't I?

    Trying this again

    EDIT: Oh, fuck you, "spoiler" usage. I no longer care.
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    Did your Mother not give you enough attention as a child?
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    Shit stirring is part of the SMB you may have been told off but that’s it ( unless you are a mag of course ;) )

    Abuse is a different thing of course
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    Looks like they are introducing Kate Bishop, Clint’s daughter, in the mainstream Marvel Universe she took over the roll of Hawkeye from him, so this could be a way of setting that up for the future MCU

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    Surprised you haven't blamed Jack Ross for the lack of choice at your local cinema
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    I don’t care if it’s a shite genre for bairns (or whatever).... my inner child is quite content to keep siting through this stuff....
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    Agreed, me too. I love these movies.
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    What I don't understand is why people who don't like these kind of films always feel the need to come on these threads and tell us all how shite they are! If there is a thread about something I'm not interested in I just don't bother reading it!
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