Mill House pub

Discussion in 'SMB' started by bernardbresslaw, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. bernardbresslaw

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    Sorry for being at work mate and not being on here 24/7...
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  2. Fucking hell :lol: i should have refrained from saying mags ,but I’ve never heard anyone from Sunderland say “Lush”.Its defiantly a Tyneside saying and I need to get my head around the fact that all Tyneside folk arnt mags .

    Edit :I’ve only heard lasses say it mind .
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  3. errant

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    cardboard boxes in the kitchen caught fire apparently...
  4. Stubbs ftm

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    Where was this pub?
  5. Sgt Pepper

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    The Blackfell/Birtley/Springwell border.
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  6. Cheesy Feet

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    Been loads of mags starting at our place..they all say 'belter'..fkn arseholes.
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  7. errant

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    pictures on the ronnie website, from round the back seem to show its mainly the kitchen and back of the pub that "went up"... i assume the rest of the place will be a bit damp mind.
  8. Junior Birdman

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  9. I’ve been a Sunderland season ticket holder and a bloke for years mate.
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  10. lurker

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    People down south and in wales and that say it mate.
  11. hefty em

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    Drove past probably about 1. Looked nasty. Staff and customers in front car park, vaping, I thought one of them was the reason for the fire engines.
  12. You are trying too hard mate.
  13. lurker

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    The word lush isn’t even a Geordie word
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  14. Oh! That’s ok then. Let’s all be knackers . Is this a race to the bottom ?
  15. It is I’ve never heard a Mackem say lush like .
  16. REDM1ST

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  17. AndrewP

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    Used a lot in the west of the city limits
  18. REDM1ST

    REDM1ST Full Back

  19. It should be.
  20. lurker

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    It’s even in the fucking dictionary man, and nowhere does it say it’s used in Newcastle

    Lush definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

    You’ve probably never been outside of sunderland

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